May 5th, 2005

fairy amulet

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My boyfriend, his friend and I decided to order a couple of pizzas and a 2 liter last night. Now, the place we ordered from was a Papa John's that had recently opened up in that area. I hadn't ordered from them before, but my parents had and their pizza had come unsliced and wasn't cooked very well. But it was the only place nearby that would deliver, so we went ahead and decided to try them out.

We were quoted a delivery time of just under an hour. The pizza showed up an hour and a half after we had ordered, and they had forgotten the 2 liter. The driver offered to go back and get it, but warned us that it would take a long time to get it back out to us. We opted to turn down the offer, and he gave us a couple of dollars to make up for it.

When we took the pizza into the kitchen and opened up the boxes, the pizzas were both burnt, and lukewarm. One pizza was so badly burnt that the crust on half of it was black. The other pizza had a few slices with black crusts, but seemed to be fine otherwise, although the bottoms of both pizzas were both burnt pretty badly, though not to the point of being inedible. We were all really hungry, and it was getting late, so we opted against calling to complain and just ate the pizza (avoiding the black crusted slices).

I doubt we'll be ordering from there again. The quality just wasn't that good all around. I can understand the pizzas being late, as they were obviously busy, but burnt to a crisp, yet only being lukewarm when we got them? Surely someone must have noticed that the pizzas were blackened when they put them in the boxes.

Every other Papa John's I've ordered from has always provided great service and the pizzas have been good. I guess we'll just go the extra miles for our pizza from now on, even though none of them will deliver out where we live.