May 2nd, 2005

RE: Dell

I deleted the last entry because I just got a call from Dell advising they would issue a 20% refund of the price of the computer. That's good service, so the post did not belong here anymore.
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I ordered from Dell back in 1999 and my computer arrived five days late. Other than that, the service was great because I never once had to call their crappy customer service or tech support people. Ever.
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Theres this guy who works at two stores in my local mall, a Payless Shoe Store and a Thrifty's Bluenotes.

My friend Krista had ordered a pair of shoes at the payless and he ordered them wrong and she had to return them. She didn't fill out any customer service forms or anything about it, she just returned them and re-ordered what she needed. So one night we were shopping at Thrifty's, and he and his boss were working. We both went up to pay and that's when it started. He started going on to his boss to be careful about my friend cause she returns everything. He insisted that she filled something out that made him look bad on his review at payless. She said she didn't remember filling anything out. He kept at it, how she made him look bad and that she was just a mean person (all the while his boss was there), and Krista, my friend just kept saying she didn't fill anything out and she returned them because they didn't fit not to make him look bad- but he just wouldn't stop.

This guy basically verbally attacked her while his boss and I watched (the only thing I interjected was that she couldn't return the underwear she was buying and that she didn't remember filling anything out so she didn't). Has this guy ever stopped to think maybe he was the reason his review was bad? Maybe it was his fault? My friend and I both realised after we were finished we should've just not bought anything and left, but we were a little too shocked at what was happening to do that.