April 29th, 2005



I got fired yesterday. And as kind as my former employers are, they made sure my benefits lasted until exactly midnight. So I spent the rest of the day (in tears) going to all my doctors getting prescriptions to get filled while I had coverage.
My neurologist wrote me a script for a triptan for my migraines for 68 pills, the most my insurance will cover. We figure, screw 'em, yanno? We both figured I'd get as many as they'd give me. So I take it to CVS, wait around a while. Then I go up to the counter, and ask the chick:
"Did everything go through the insurance all right and everything? It's all there?"
She says "Yeah, there's just a note here that the manufacturer of this says that the safety of treating more than 3 migraines in 30 days hasn't been established."
I say "Yeah, I know, this has to last me a while, I just got fired, no insurance."
So I go on my way, and get up to the street when I notice that the bag that's in says it has 6 pills. 6. Not 68. So I go back in.
As I'm approaching the pharmacy, I hear the pharmacist talking about me to everyone within earshot. Things like "How stupid, I can't believe people would do that. Doctors shouldn't be allowed." On and on. About my prescription, to everyone in the pharmacy. When they see me coming back they all scatter.
I politely ask the girl at the counter "This only has 6 in it, and I know the prescription was for more. Was there an error entering it or a problem with the insurance? I know I asked you about it before I left." Then she left and the pharmacist came over and waved me to the consultation window.
I explained to him again, politely, that the prescription was for more than 6 pills, what was the problem? Then he starts yelling at me. And I mean yelling, as in a voice that people in half of the CVS could hear. When I started crying (which didn't take much), he started yelling louder.
He said that 6 pills was a months supply, it wasn't safe to take more than that in 30 days, that he wouldn't give anyone more than that. I said I know, but I just got fired, I don't have insurance after today, I need this for more than a month. Then he starts ranting that he went to school for 6 years, he has a wife and two kids, he's trying to protect his livelihood (right after I told him I just lost mine), that if I took too many and anything happened to me he'd be hauled into court right next to my stupid doctor, on and on and on. He finally said "I can give you back the prescription, but no pharmacist in their right mind will fill it for you."
I took it back. I asked the girl at the counter if he was always that mean and she said "That's not mean, that's just covering his butt."
"Telling me he's protecting his livelihood when I just told him I lost mine, bragging about all his schooling when I have just as much? That's really rude. He could have explained it a little nicer."
Rest of the story short, the other CVS did it for me no problem after I explained the whole thing. I said I understood if she didn't want to give me 68, but I needed more than 6. When I told her who the other guy was she said he was a total ass.
I mean, you can mail order 3 months at a time...
My boyfriend was livid when I told him what happened. I want to find some way to complain about this guy. I understand his professional qualms about filling it, but he was a total asshole to me. Any other day I would have lost it, but he could see that I was weepy when I walked up.