April 28th, 2005


new psycho bartender

This chick didn't actually serve me or anyone for that matter, but she is getting trained at my absolute favorite bar where I spend most of my nights with my group of friends. I have actually hung with the bartenders outside of the place and love everyone who works there. It's like home. Pathetic I know, but it is.

At this bar, which probably holds about a 100 people, there is usually 1 bartender working during the week and 2 on weekends. A few weeks ago, one bartender was let go so another had to double all her shifts and they are looking to hire someone else. The bartender from last night (the amazingly sweet and wonderful Keliegh) was supposed to be training this new chick. From what I saw, the girl came in, sat at the bar, drank and left saying she had to go to her other job. Sucky co-worker for Keliegh if the chick doesn't seem to do anything but hang out during her own training.

The part that makes me post this story here is when she seemed to try to impress my friend Aaron and myself but telling us how cool she is. The girl is training to be a bartender! It is not a good idea to tell the regulars (or anyone) for that matter that you once got mad at a customer and "pissed in their margarita!" WTF?!? Please tell me she didn't say that. She then discussed all the ways she got revenge on a former roommate who made her mad. These included breaking his dor lock every week and peeing in his girlfriends shampoo. I just looked at my friend and gave him a "this girl is a psycho" look.

1. Don't piss in people's drinks. 2. Don't tell people you've done that. 3. If you are making it up because you think it will impress people, you are a dumbass.

As soon as she walked away, I told my friend I was never ordering from her. We talked it over with another bartender who works there but had the night off and came by to see me for a few and she told us to tell the manager when he comes back. I really hope they don't hire this chick just because she knows the owner. She is a freak. And coming from me and my friends (who are certifiable freaks) that means something.

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The previous entry made me remember this. Yes, this is a bad service story from a place I "managed". (I was the Team Lead of my department and was responsible if anything went wrong, but had little power to actually get rid of someone. Believe me, I tried on many occasions.)

We had a girl we hired for seasonal help a couple of Christmas's ago. I liked her well enough. She was a bit...perky and a wee bit more gregarious than most people could handle, but she was eager to please and make things correctly. Didn't seem to be that much of a problem.

One very busy night (remember this is before Christmas) we had a non-stop line out the door. A customer walked up and handed this girl a bag of whole bean coffee to grind, specifying their filter and whatnot. They announce that they will be back in a moment to pick it up. So, my girl in question stopped what she was doing to grind the coffee. When the customer came back, they announced that they had changed their mind and for her to just throw it away. (We can't sell coffee once it's been ground.)

She watched in horror as the customer walked away and announced loudly so the entire store heard her, "I wish they had ordered a drink so I could spit in it."

Dear lord. I heard about her from every regular I had for months afterwards. Had many tell me that they would not be coming in as long as she worked there. (STILL couldn't get rid of her due to the upper echelon of management and their inability to actually manage.)

Fortunately, she stopped showing up for work so she ceased to be my problem. But I could so see a story about that happening here.

*As an aside, if you feel your issue isn't being addressed by one level of management, for the love of god, go higher. Sometimes the peon management is just as tied as you are and is unable to change what needs to be changed. If my regulars had gone to the upper echelon of management and complained loud and long, she would have been gone a lot sooner.