April 27th, 2005

dc - poison ivy

Only you can prevent bad service

This is not my story, but I was a witness. My hair's brown and curly, so, good times.

I was at WalMart in Oxford, MS, having my hair cut when this woman comes in. I missed most of the conversation, but she was crying by the end of it, and her hair looked like someone had attacked her viciously with a crimping iron. The reason? She'd gone to another stylist to have her hair permed. The problem with that? She's bottle blonde.

People. Say it with me. Bleached hair cannot be permed. It gets fried. And guess what happens when you figure out you look like a mess and go to get it straightened? There's a damn good chance it'll all fall out.

But apparently, someone stylist or stylists in Oxford are not doing their jobs, because five people in the last week have apparently had this done to them. How hard is it to say, "Wait a minute, baby, if I do this, you're going to look like a Barbie whose hair got ironed"? I mean, damn.

Also, as an interesting sidebar- if your hairdresser screws up a chemical process and hasn't had you sign a waiver, you can sue them. Who knew? Other than the people who provide them with malpractice insurance, of course.

So I guess the moral of the story is, don't let a hairstylist run wild on your head, and if you're in Oxford, you're better off getting your hair done at WalMart than a pricey salon.