April 21st, 2005

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Something that recently happened to me.

I made a couple posts about this in my LJ, and though I'd link them here, since they're definitely appropriate. My experiences dealing with banks, specifically First USA Bank, one of the worst major banks in the US. Oddly enough, their current parent corp, Chase Manhattan, is one of the best Banks that I've dealt with. Too bad that hasn't trickled down to FUSA yet.

The comments are mostly about outsourcers, but I've had similar problems with their in-house staff, too.

First post

Followup the next day
Bad Kitty

2ND Bad Car Service

This may be the second worst car experience that I ever had and it is the reason I would never go to Midas or Meineke again.

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Naturally I always go out of my way to bring my car to Gallante's. I just wish they did more than mufflers and brakes.

This one didn't happen to me but to a coworker...

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He said that since he had no proof he tried to look on it as a lesson. I think it gives new meaning to that Aamco slogan...how does it go...

"Aamco, where over half the cars brought to us DON'T need new transmissions!"
AlannahJr. for Pres

DOUBLE YOUR *cough* FUN....

Two respective days; two hideously glaring incidents of bad service.

The first is courtesy of WE ENERGIES (Wisconsin Electric & Gas) and the agency who processes credit/debit card payments for them, BILL MATRIX.

The second incident is at the hands of TIME-WARNER CABLE. And all of this is happening at a time when I'm very nervous about my health. I had an ultrasound this morning to find out whether or not I need gall bladder surgery. I won't get the results until Monday. :(

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