April 15th, 2005

The WORST Internet Service Ever!!

Well, about two years ago, I had my own crappy apartment in someone's basement, and attempting to join the 21st century, I decided I needed some Internet. So I'm calling around to a few different companies, to try and get the best deal, and ended up with this one company.

Their policy is, no invoices, no paper statements. You get your statements online, and pay either by pre-authorized payments, or credit card. Not ever being one to trust my bank information, for fear of bounced rent or lack of food money, I opted for them to bill my Visa.

So this is my payment arrangement, $25.95 per month, unlimited access. So I'm using their Internet, it all goes well for about four months, they have a webmail option for those people like me who don't entirely trust Outlook and attachments, etc. It's all good.

Then I get into some problems, I had to return home to my parents house for two months. Not being a money waster, I found out I could downgrade my Internet to $9.95 per month, for 10 hours of service. They told me I'd lose my webmail with them, but not to worry, I can fix everything when I get back.

So I come back from my parents house, two months have passed, I've saved money. I reinstate my unlimited service, and get online. At the end of that month, when I went to check my credit card statement, I'd been billed $165.00 from this company, no shit. At first, I called my parents and asked if they forgot to make my Visa payment (they were helping with some bills, if they were pre-approved, the money went to Visa, and I kept my balance close to zero). I was told the payment had been made, I almost fell from shock when I learned that my Internet was still at 10 hours a month, and I was being billed by the hour for all my use (when half the time, I wasn't even there, the computer was just on the phone line idle because I forgot to disconnect it).

I called the company, and after much bitching, and three phone calls, they agreed to "credit my account, for future Internet services." (If you'd believe it, those morons actually had the nerve to tell me I went from 10 hour per month service, to unlimited, and back to 10 hour per month. They're the biggest pile of fucking losers on the planet). I said to those idiots, "that's really nice I have 6 months of free Internet, but I'm moving out in 3, and I'm not interested in paying 18.5% interest to Visa in the meantime for your fuck-up." They did the reversal.

I told them they'd better fix next month, because of outstanding charges. It took a lot of persuasion, but they reversed the $99.40 outstanding that would be billed the following month. Fucking idiots, forgot to add the 7.25% sales tax. So I get billed taxes, plus whatever was charged after my phone call, before they finally fixed their mess.

This is positively the WORST SERVICE I've ever gotten in MY WHOLE LIFE!! If it weren't for the fact that EVERYONE ELSE also needed to bill my Internet to Visa, I'd never have agreed to sign up with these guys.

Lindy's Taxi Service

Hi, I'm new here. Found my way over from customers_suck and figured I'd post my story of horrible customer service.

Any of you that live on Long Island, more specifically Suffolk County, have seen Lindy's taxis around. My first experience with them came when I started working in Suffolk a few years ago. Any time I would be driving and there would be a Lindy's taxi around, he'd always be doing something stupid: swerving, cutting people off, running lights, etc. I always refused to use them if I needed a cab, but my girlfriend used them all the time. Eventually I caved and agreed to use them when my car broke down, and I actually had a good experience. So the next day I agreed to use the magain to get me to work.

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