April 6th, 2005

  • cally7

The delivery man

This might get long. Me and hubby don't have a car right now so we get the bulk of our shopping delivered by Tesco. Mostly it goes great and it's more often early than late with only a few bits and pieces that they couldn't provide. We pay for this service and for the most part we think it's pretty good value.

Except, of course, when this one bloke does our delivery; the first time he had been working there for a few days so he was new to the job and fair enough if you don't know the area a little bit our road can be a little tricky to find but not that bad. He wasn't late when he phoned us first telling us he would be late as he was still finding his way. Fair enough, nice of him to let us know, that's great. He called again asking for directions to our place about half an hour after the latest time he was due but we knew he would be late, ok, hubby gives him very easy directions to find us and that is the end of the call. Another call about ten minutes later and he still can't find us, turns out he over shot a BIG landmark (a steepled church) and was heading the wrong way.

He finally pulls up to our place and calls again to ask my husband to give him a hand up with the groceries! I was actually angry and told him to take it back as he couldn't be bothered to deliver it. We then call Tesco's help line and they were pretty aghast at the situation. After all we are paying for the delivery and not to pick it up ourselves. I asked for the delivering stores number, which they willingly gave, and I called them. The manager wasn't in but they called back the next day and were pretty apologetic about him. They re-sent the shopping and gave us £10 in vouchers for compensation.

Second time he was late again, and I swear that he had alcohol on his breath and he also ended up swapping one our bags of shopping for someone elses. So it was back on the phone and we got our shopping comped and were told to keep the other stuff, though I wanted to send it back. When I spoke to the manager at the local Tesco they denied emphatically that the chap would never drink as he was very devout and that what we smelt was actually aniseed. I hate aniseed and I know the difference between that and alcohol. I informed her that I didn't want him delivering again if he couldn't do it competantly and he might be better off doing a desk or checkout job instead. I have no doubt he is a very nice chap but he can't do the damn job.

This time was last night. It was getting late and we hadn't had dinner because every time the shopping is due and it ends up either burnt or cold. So the shopping is late and hubby calls the help line and they said to wait 25 minutes before calling back. Ok o.O . Seconds after he hung up the delivery chap calls he will be there in about :O 25 minutes! We wait, we wait a little more, the predicted time came and went, we called the help line again and they refunded half our delivery charge, then the truck finally pulls up. We open the door all ready for him and wait, and wait, and wait a little more. It took him 15 minutes to sort out our shopping and carry the first lot up stairs. They put them in boxes and provide a trolley for them to get the shopping up any stairs but he carried all the shopping in bags making about four trips to do it.

Then as hubby signs the receipt the bloke says "sorry about the delay it cannot be helped". That was the red rag to the bull and we were back on the help line. When we relayed what he had said to hubby they replied that is not acceptable in any way and they will be looking into it.

Sigh, it sounds like all we did was kvetch at them but we don't have this trouble with ANY other of the delivery people and there are all sorts, shapes, colours, and sizes who deliver and they are all pretty good people at the job, there are a couple who are a little off but they do their job. I have still to discover what is going to happen.