March 29th, 2005

credit: buffy18

I feel bad for my family now

I live in a college town so naturally, all of the hotels fill up for graduation. If you tried to book a room for next month's graduation, it would be very impossible. I was able to book a room over the internet last semester but I just wanted to double check to make sure the reservation was still there cause sometimes there's glitches in the system & what have you.

So I call the hotel & I say I want to check on a reservation & the lady asks if I cancelled one & I say no,

I'm just checking & she was like "MA'AM WE DO NOT CANCEL RESERVATIONS UNLESS YOU TELL US TO!" and then I was

like "I'm not accusing you, I would just like to check on the reservation." so she's like "Ok, give me the

information." so I tell her my name & she says "NO I NEED THE DATE OF THE RESERVATION!" (sheesh!) and then

she asked for a name & I politely asked "Do you need the name its billed to (me) or the name of the person

its in (my dad)" and she was like "MISS,I AM TRYING TO HELP YOU! GIVE ME THE NAME OF THE PERSON WHO IS

STAYING HERE!" And I told her not to get defensive with me and told her that she needed to be more specific.

She then said that the reservation was still there & then she hung up on me. What a bitch! And now my

family has to put up with that shitty staff! ugh! Makes me embarrassed to go into the hospitality field!

Tales of Offshoring

I just wanted to share this with people for theraputic reasons since I can't even inform the company that caused this. Anyway,...I have Sprint and I'm ok with them, phone works, I'm happy with the price, and my coverage is good for all the cities I go to. But beware if you ever,...EVER have to call to customer care. Here's the story.
So my phone was shut off yesterday because my brain forgot to tell my hands to go to the web site and make a payment. So I make the payment and wait about 4 hours, I turn off my phone, turn it back on, and still all calls are being diverted to Sprint Customer Care. So I say what the hell and elect to speak to an agent. Now the IVR (automated system) is recognizing my payment and telling me the amount due in mid April,..ok, on to the agent to turn this sucker on. I get someone who I know is not in the USA,..mainly because they can barely speak english and get the information I tell them completely wrong. After about 5 minutes of breaking the accent barrior they get my account pulled up. Now she tells me the balance I owe (not due until the middle of April) and asks if I would like to make that payment. I respond with, now why would I want to do that? It's not due until next month. This of course does not register, she responds with, "the balance is 69.00 would you like to make a payment". So I decided that maybe it was time to get a little crafty, I asked when that payment was due, she responded with the due date. And I then asked if it's not due till then why is my phone off now. response, " one moment while I look at your account,...I see a balance is left on your account of 0.20, would you like to make a 5.00 payment now"? WHAT!? ok at this point I realized our little friend from the land beyond the horizon was just making shit up. I hung up on her and tried back,..Second agent I talked to was again not in the USA. Again another 5 minutes of breaking the accent barrior and my account is pulled up. She then proceeds to tell me that there is a "Promise to pay" on my account with check by phone for 69.00. I asked her if it made any sense for me to call and make a promise to pay on a balance that is not even due yet. Her response was "one moment while I look at your account". I'm like your kidding right, I'm asking you to think logically and look at my account and see what needs to be done. response: "would you like to make a payment on that balance today". After about 10 minutes of wrestling with her she finally realized that I paid my balance and informed me that my phone service should return any minute now, and that is all I wanted. I don't complain much at all, I don't call companies and harrass them simply because I'm a customer and have entitlement issues. I'm a supervisor in customer service and I talk to the angry mob all day every day so I have sympathy for those in the same position. But being in customer service gives me a keen eye to recognize complete and utter incompetance. Oh and by the way, I called this morning to Sprint Customer Service to see if there was a number I can call to get someone in the USA. When I called and explained what happened the agent responsded with "ok I see,..let me look at your account,...your balance is 69.00". I'm like wait, your not in the USA are you? "No sir I am in the Phillipines". So I take it Sprint no longer offers customer service in the USA. Since they couldn't even log a complaint I called the Sprint Store and asked if I could just call them if I ever need to call about anything. Sure not a problem. I never thought I'd be the customer complaining but jesus man,...if you went through that crap I'm sure you'd be pretty ticked off too.

Hi there.

I'm new.

This happened a few weeks ago, but I am still pretty ticked about it.

Whenever I order pizza, I typically do it online. I find it easier personally, especially if it's a night that the phones are probably ringing off of the hook. So, I placed my order, put my usual driver tip right on my debit card, and waited for my pie.

An hour later, my food shows up. Granted, an hour is a pretty long time to wait, but I wasn't upset. I was a delivery driver for a very short span of time, and I know the job is right up there with fast food - it sucks. He hands me my card slip, which I sign without looking at (I usually check the amounts when I put it into my check register), and trades me for my food.

I smile and say thanks, and go to close my door. He (he being an older man, not some punk kid) sticks out his hand, preventing me from closing my door, and says demands: "Tip."

Me: "I put a tip on the card."
Him: "No, no tip on card!"

So, I look at the slip, and sure enough somehow the system goofed and didn't include the tip. At this point he enters my apartment as if he was not going to leave until I tipped him, let the door close behind him, and once again demanded "Tip!" I told him that he needed to leave my apartment before I called the police.

Now, I've been a driver. I've been a waitress. I never, ever do not tip, unless it is by way of freak accident like the one that happened here. Had he left and not said anything, I would have noticed the total being short as soon as I looked at the slip, and I would have called and seen if I could put a tip on my card, and it would have been a better tip than the inital one was going to be. However, do NOT stand there and demand a tip from me. It's rude. I realize not getting tipped is frustrating. Furthermore, do not enter my home and close the door without being invited to do so. It's scary.

Needless to say I called and made a manager aware this happened. Is it too much to ask to not have my pizza delivery person scare the shit out of me because online ordering glitched?