March 24th, 2005

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Well, damn.

Went to reconcile my bank statement this morning and saw that a local Chinese food restaurant charged me $5 more than what I signed on the receipt. My original charge was $25. My bank got hit for $30. I tipped the delivery driver in cash, not on the charge slip. Of course, I've since shredded the receipt and have no record of my original charge.

I plan on calling them today, but I won't be ordering from them again.
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Scam update

Just a quickie update: all the places that charged me have now agreed to provide refunds. Neovi's refund, for $400, the last one to call me, actually showed up first (four $100 credits instead of one bulk $400 one, I assume because they just reversed the four charges); MyFamily and's credits have yet to show up. Go figure. I've arranged a payment via online banking to wipe out the legitimate charges at the beginning of next month, so over time the balance should return to 0. What a pain all that was...

I haven't used the new card to see if it still works OK, but I can't imagine why it wouldn't work.

Back to work -- joy. Not much fun with this lingering cold I've caught. I imagine the stress didn't help my immune system any.
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looking for suggestions

My laptop started to lock up over the weekend so I took it to the local computer place on Monday. The employee told me I would get a call Tuesday morning. Tuesday comes and no phone call. I end up calling the store around 3 and the employee told me that there was a program that was causing my comp to freeze and that they had it on all night and it didn't freeze. I went there to get it and the employee said that 'zclient' was making my comp freeze. I take it home and they hadn't removed the 'zclient' program, which turned out to be my firewall. Oookay. It froze twice on Tuesday, even after I uninstalled my firewall.

It froze again on Wednesday so I called the place back up. The employee asked me 'what kind of programs are you running?' which I took as a joke. I said I was just using the internet and that I use wireless at home. I took it back to the store with my wireless card and the employee said I would get a call today.

No phone call today. I went to the store around 2:45 and it was closed, even though the hours are 9-5pm. I get home and call their number to leave a voicemail. The message says that they are out of the office and that they will be back tomorrow morning. That would have been nice to know yesterday when I dropped it off. So I'll be going there in the morning before work to see what they have to say.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to handle it? They told me my comp was fixed when it wasn't and they failed twice to call me back when promised. I already paid on Tuesday and they gurantee their work for 5 days. Maybe this is what I get for going to a local place.
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