March 19th, 2005

SXSW scam in Austin, Tejas!

This happened at a local club called 'Emo's' during SXSW. SXSW is an industry related music event which is the Southern equivilant of CMJ. It goes on for a few weeks, with one week devoted solely to music. Here is what I overheard while standing outside of a club yesterday... (x-posted to AustinCommunity)

A friend and I were standing outside of Emo's tonight when we saw a few people go up attempting to get into a show there. They had been stamped several hours beforehand and were told by one of the SXSW/Emo peeps working there that they would be able to go back in as long as they had their hands stamped while they were exiting.

The idiots at the door would not allow them back in. I overheard the people say "Well, why would you stamp peoples hands, tell them they can come back in as long as they are stamped, and not have "no re-entry" signs posted up?" They didn't say anything, they just said "Well, looks like you're not getting your money back." I heard the show was $20 a pop, too. What a scam!