March 6th, 2005

(no subject)

Dear CVS cashier:

I know. You work at a 24 hour CVS in Washington DC. We have a great job market down here and you are filling a spot that needs to be filled. You have a nice bit of job security. I understand this.

But that job security should not be mistaken for the ability to gossip on the phone about what's-her-face being so-and-so's "baby's momma" and the party you saw her at last night and so on and so forth. You were working the registers alone, with someone over on the photo counter, and you had a line about 10 deep. Hang up the freakin' phone.

That is all.


And the sad thing is, most of the cashiers at this particular CVS do this. This was the first time it was when they were the only one on the register, so it peeved me to a higher degree than usual. But it is unfortunately par for the course around here.