February 28th, 2005

(no subject)

Companies we will not do business with in future:

1. Tigerdirect.com . My fiance ordered $400 worth of computer parts. He received two boxes. One, instead of containing a motherboard, graphics card, and trackball, held eight cheap keyboards. Obviously somebody put the wrong label on the box, right? After speaking repeatedly with customer service, he has gotten three different stories, no apology, no offer to refund his second-day shipping, no promised UPS pickup for the keyboards, and no claim form in the mail.

2. D-Link. I bought a wireless router, adapter for a notebook, and adapter for the desktop. They had rebates for $35, $25, and $25 respectively. The first one was rejected for a spurious reason (they missed the words BEST BUY all over the receipt), but I eventually received a check. The other two I will not be getting at all, because I foolishly sent all three of the rebates in the same envelope. Apparently they all had different P.O. box numbers on them, and so the other two were thrown out. If they were going to different cities, I could understand, but three boxes all in a row in the same post office, all ending up in the same office where the same people process them? For Christ's sake.
[And yes, I know I'm a credulous idiot not to have made photocopies. It doesn't matter now, I'm not buying anything on rebate again.]

3. Midas, for trying to pressure me into a complete brake job when my car's brakes were perfectly fine, as verified by my brother, a mechanic with 15 years experience. I resent people trying to scare me by telling me the car is unsafe to drive, just so they can make a buck off of a supposed dumb blond chick.