February 24th, 2005

hello lion-o

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I am a graphic design major. Our first assignment of the semester for my typography class is due today.. and I had some last minute copies to make. So last night I venture into the 24-hour FedEx/Kinkos in Orange order to do a very simple task. I have a large black inked letter. I needed a solid black/white copy at 100%.. and another at 50%. I asked the guy at the counter to help me cause I needed something bigger then the sizes you can do on self-service machines. It started out kinda okay.. the guy made a "not another one of these" joke. I asked him if he could copy it using the color machine set on black and white.. because copies come out better quality that way.

The first one he brought me was entirely in color. How could I tell? Because my non-photo blue lines (colored pencil that doesn't show up on a B&W xerox) were there.. and blue. He goes and makes another one.. and had it on gray scale.. because I could still see the non-photo lines. He seems kinda flustered.. so he hands the project off to one of the other girls in the store.

The first words out of her mouth to him, loud enough for me to hear, were "Isn't this a SELF SERVE project?"

She sighs after he tells her to help me.. him being the manager at the time.. and she takes it over to a regular machine. The copy she makes me isn't big enough for me to crop it correctly. She gets all huffy and shows me the large-format copy machine. After showing me really quick how to use it.. she wanders off to chat with her co-workers. I try this machine.. and it's a piece of crap that leave white spots inside of my black letter.. and black spots on the white around it. I try a few more times and then just give up. I let the girl working the counter know that this isn't working.. and that I am going somewhere else to see if I can find a better machine to do this on. She doesn't really care.

The saddest part of all this was I took it to another.. MUCH smaller.. kinkos in Anaheim and the guy there was able to help me in half the time of the other store and I got EXACTLY what I needed. I told him about my negative experience at the Orange store.. and he said "that is really sad.. because they have all the large format machines there.. we send our large format projects over there when we don't have the right machines."