February 15th, 2005


(no subject)

I thought I'd try my hand at the following, ostensibly in an effort to improve customer/service relations but really to just do some general venting:

Customer's Bill of Rights

To be treated with basic respect.
To be served as promptly as is feasible.
To receive correct and accurate information.
To be notified of all charges, costs, fees, etc. before the transaction is made.
To be kept notified of the status of the transaction, including any delays or problems.
To be directed to someone within the business that can address his or her needs.
Not to have to be a specialist in a business's field of service.
Not to have to know the internal workings of a business in order to deal with it.

Server's Bill of Rights

To be treated with basic respect.
To refuse service to patrons who are disorderly or abusive, or whose demands are unreasonable.
Not to have his or her time wasted.
To have his or her off-duty time be his or her own.
To be given all necessary information in as convenient a form as is feasible.
Not to be held responsible for actions or circumstances which are out of his or her control.
Not to be held to unreasonable expectations of performance outside of his or her stated duties.

Am I forgetting any?