February 3rd, 2005

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Spammers suck. Spammers that can't read suck worse.
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Kiran Gonna Smash

Oooh. A night's sleep later and I'm still pissed off. Time for me to climb on my soapbox and scream for a little bit.

Now, understand, I don't ask much of a waiter. I've worked in service occupations before and if anything I am often generous. I say please and thank you. I'm flexible and I don't get upset easily. I really don't ask that much. I simply ask for them to do their jobs. I don't believe in "tipping" simply because it is expected. That's what a paycheck is for. A tip is a reward for services rendered, and I tip on a scale according to the service I receive.

The Olde Auburn Ale House is as close as I get to "my bar." It's a microbrew here in town with some of the best beer you'll find anywhere, and pretty good food as well, with an English pub-style atmosphere. However, the last several times my trips have been ... less than enjoyable. Each Wednesday, when I come in for the Mug Club special with my friends, we have been "graced" with the same lousy service from the same waiter with a bad attitude. I never get the guy's name; he's dark haired with a goatee on the bottom of his chin. Normally, I shrug it off, but tonight it got out of hand.

My friend Rob beat crazylobo and myself to the bar by about ten minutes and had still yet to receive his beer when we got there. It finally showed up about five minutes after we got there, though it definitely wasn't due to a large crowd - there couldn't have been more than ten or twenty people there. Throughout the night, we received the same poor service from the waiter with the bad attitude that we had come to expect. We repeatedly had to flag him down for simple things like refills. Another friend of our who showed up had to do the same just to put a simple appetizer order in. By the end of the evening, the general consensus at the table was that the service had reached a new low (as every week). If we only knew what was to come...

We ask for our checks. After another fifteen minute wait, they arrive. But our waiter apparently couldn't bother to hand them out to us. He just sort of threw them down to apparently let us sort our order out. This is absolutely unacceptable, and I tipped accordingly. I slashed out the tip on my card (I never leave credit tips) with the intention of leaving an admittedly small cash tip. However, as we were getting up to leave, he had the utter and complete unmitigated gall to say to us "thanks for the tip."

Oh HELL no.

This is absolutely unacceptable. We went to complain to the manger on duty (a long-haired fellow who's name I didn't get) and while we were lodging our complaint our friend with the bad attitude was hovering nearby adding his own commentary until he was told by the manager to shut his trap.

I frequent the Ale House at least once a week for good beer and good food, not for a dose of attitude from the waiters. I fully intend to continue to frequent the Ale House, however I would prefer not to have Mr. Attitude wait on us any longer. Furthermore, I really would like to see a written apology from him for his bad attitude and poor treatment of paying customers. I'm not looking for handouts here, just a decent night!


This happened awhile ago

Long time reader, first time blah, blah, blah...

Part of my job is to build accessory items for the products we sell. In this case I'm taking a battery load tester removing the clamps from the cables and putting a small box with different types of connectors on the end.

I go to Radio Shack and order 2 dozen small experimenter boxes. I'm told it will take about a week for them to get in and to give them a call. A week goes by, and I'm told it'll take another week, next week, the same thing. Two weeks after this I'm getting rather pissed off about this, I get a hold of the store manager. He told me my order was canceled because the stores are not allowed to place orders that large for any item. But damn, the way he said that to me, like it was my fault for not knowing their ordering policy.

I ended up ordering the boxes off their web site.
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If you all are done crucifying me for daring to complain about lousy service ...

I got a phone call tonight from the owner of the Olde Auburn Ale House. Apparently, Mr. Attitude had a laundry list of complaints against him from numerous customers since he was hired three weeks ago. He was terminated this afternoon.

I was very impressed with the way it was handled by the management. Definitely restored some of the faith in humanity I have after reading some of the replies to the previous thread and it's sister thread on customers_suck. Thanks for the laughs, guys!

Whatever. I consider this matter closed. Time to move on and drink some beer at my favourite bar. :P