January 24th, 2005

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How difficult can it be to look something up for me?

I just called three different Target stores in my area to see if they had this desk in stock that I saw online, and I wanted to just get it at the store to avoid paying shipping. The first one was pretty nice. The second was a little more blunt with me. The third was downright snippy. She answered (I don't remember her greeting), and I said I was looking to see if they had an item in stock. She said, "what is it?" really rudely, so I said I was looking at it online, and then she interrupted me and said "what is it?" again, this time MORE rudely. I told her Mission style Natural Computer Desk, which is $99.99, she says, "hold on." That's it, not "okay just one moment please," or something a little more courteous, just "hold on," and click I was put on hold. Another person picked up and asked if she could help me. I said yes, and asked if there was any information about what I wanted relayed to her (to save myself having to say it AGAIN, because when you transfer a call to someone usually you tell the co-worker what the person you're transferring needs), she said no, so I repeated it, and she put me on hold again (she was actually nicer than the first person, though I could barely hear her).

After a couple seconds the first woman picked up and said "has anyone taken your call yet," but I couldn't hear her well because someone was printing something over here, so I said, "I'm sorry what was that?" She says, very slowly, as if I'm retarded, "has, anyone, taken, your, call, yet." WTF lady? I'm not STUPID, I just didn't HEAR you. I said yes someone did, so she said, very condescendingly, "very gooood," and puts me on hold again! Then the other person came back, and I couldn't tell if it was the same girl that it was transferred to before, but she asked if she could help me like she had never talked to me before so I figured it was someone different. At this point was getting pretty agitated, because all I wanted to know is if the damn desk was in stock and I was transferred to three different people. I don't remember exactly what I said but I was curt yet polite about it. This girl was actually pretty nice about it and apologized, and then they didn't even have it in stock.

Is it so hard to answer the phone in a nice manner and not speak to people as if they're retarded? Come on, it's only 10am, I know you can't be that burned out on work already. If I was calling a minute before closing and asking this stuff I could see being a little less than friendly on the phone with me, but they just opened two hours ago for crying out loud. Damn. Wouldn't have bought it from that location even if they DID have it! I guess I'm paying shipping for it. :\
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Why Can't Anyone's Tech Support Agents Ever Read?

I wrote to H&R Block this week telling them that their forms (for their online filing program) aren't working in Firefox this year, despite success using Firefox to file my taxes for two previous years and despite the fact that Netscape 6 and 7 are both in the supported browser list (Firefox is the browser-only component of Mozilla, which itself is what Netscape 6 and 7 are based on.)

Tech support responded by simply sending me a copy of the supported-browser list.

I sent back a response telling them why Firefox should indeed be working with their site and explaining the pedigree of Firefox and reminding them that I'm a Mac user for debugging purposes.

Their response? They told me, a Mac user, to use Internet Explorer! And furthermore, the wording of the second response I got treated me as if I'm an idiot who doesn't know what I'm doing. Apparently, they don't know the systems that they're supporting ... nor do they pay attention to important information in users' reports.

Any suggestions for who else is any good? I like the fact that H&R provides PDF copies of the forms for you to keep handy, even after they e-file for you. I'm obviously not impressed by H&R's attitude or programming team. You don't break what isn't broken and you don't ignore what users are telling you about things that make them unhappy.
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Here's the situation, I was a year 11 student who spent Wednesdays at a school other then my usual school doing a year 12 VET computer animation course that my main school didn't offer. That's fine and it's a normal option offered by [my usual school] and [other school]. I was also doing a different year 12 computer course at [my usual school] and had a double lesson on Wednesdays.

Now, this shouldn't have been a problem as like I said, this is a normal option offered to all students. However the teacher for the course I was doing at [my usual school] was a Bitch from Hell. BFH refuses to inform me of what work I had missed on the Wednesday and continually held exams on the Wednesday. Now the animation course had a strict rule of "miss three classes and you're out" and [my usual school]'s rule was that if a student in a class study's a VET course and therefore is unable to attend a lesson at [my usual school] then no exams are to take place on the day said student is absent and the teacher must assign work in advance of the missed lesson to be completed in the student's free time.

BFH did none of this and took great pleasure in calling me up in front of the class to ask questions about the Wednesday's work which she knew I could not POSIBABLY answer. After failing the second exam in a row due to her refusing to tell me the work required of the class (by this time we're a month into the first term and I've made six formal complants to the head of year 12 - who has repeatedly told BFH that she CANNOT do what she's doing) the stress finally gets to me and I burst into tears and the following conversation occurs.

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