January 21st, 2005

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Uh, I'm not sure if this qualifies as bad service, per say. But it's...something.

I overdrew my account balance at SunTrust by $3 on my debit card (without realizing it). When I went to look at my account balance online, they charged me $320 for penalties.

Can banks even do that?

Edit: I went to the bank and found out that they charge $32 per overdraw...even if that overdraw is $2. They are going to take $200 off of the fees, leaving me with only about 300 to pay. The teller said to me, "You know, a lot of banks do have debit cards that stop charging once you reach a certain point. Our bank doesn't. We really should, though." Well, that's wonderful.

He also suggested I close my account right then, and let my balance be sent to ChexSystems, a 3rd party that banks report to when someone fucks them over. It's a little illegal, and would probably give me bad credit, but that was his suggestion. I said no thanks.

I love SunTrust. Really.
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bad-ish service - what would you do?

I have an annoying situation going on with my local Papa John's store. It's not awful, terrible service, it's just pretty annoying.

I'm a teaching assistant at a large university. I have my own office in an academic building, and because I teach during the day, and take my own classes at night, and often work in my office in between, well, I spend a lot of time there. About once every 2 weeks, I order a medium pizza and eat off it for 2 days. Ya, I know, not healthy, but there it is.

My office is on the 4th floor, among others in my academic department. All of the other floors (6 total) are academic departments or university offices as well. Here's my pet peeve -

The delivery guy won't come inside, let alone up to my office. Now, they *used* to do this, last year when I would order. But the last few times, they tell me to come outside to get it. Finally, on the 3rd time, I ask the nice enough delivery guy, "Hey, you folks used to bring it right up to the 4th floor last year, what happened to that? I'm not pissed or anything, but did policy change?"

He replied, "Well, we've had some problems with drivers in other parts of the country getting mugged in dorms."

Now, that I understand. Very sucky. But... "But this isn't a dorm..." I replied, with furrowed brow.

"Oh, now we just wait outside on all college campuses, for every delivery. Sorry." And he left.

I know, I know, it's a minor thing. But one of the reasons I order pizza is to avoid leaving my work to go get food...I pay the guy to bring it to me. And going down 4 floors and outisde in January to pick up my food does not tempt me to tip well. (Though I do. Always $3 and change on a $10ish order, and he only has to drive 3 blocks to get to the university. I tipped more when they brought it to my office.) I did the running-down-outside crap when I was an undergrad living on campus and I ordered food...and shit, even they would come in and wait by the elevator! This seems really stupid that they won't differentiate between a dorm and an academic building.

Should I bother calling and asking the manager about this policy, or am I just being a whiny bitch? You decide.
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I expected better from them...

There's a small restaurant chain where I live called Russ'. I've been going there all my life, and I've grown to have a lot of respect for them. Sometimes there's one or two problems, but nothing really major. They're a nice sit-down restaurant with a carryout drive-thru service.
Tonight I told Ben, my husband, that I wanted to have a nice dinner together, but our daughter was asleep. So, we decided that he would go to Russ' and pick up some food. We placed our order by phone (as opposed to going up to the drive-thru and having to wait 15-20 minutes while they prepare the order), and there were no problems there. Ben gave them plenty of time to prepare the order before he got there, and got through the drive-thru line pretty quickly.
When he got home we opened the bag and realized that only half of our order was there. (Which, may I add, was only the cold half of the order.)
So, Ben put his coat back on and drove all the way back to the restaurant to get the rest of our order. He was met with an apology, and they gave us a fresh sampler platter and a $10 gift certificate along with our other bag of food. Now, normally this would appease me, but there's more.
When he gets home the second time, we divide the food. I open my styrofoam box to find that my "Two grilled chicken breast meal" has become a "One chicken breast meal" (there goes tomorrow's lunch!), they serve two types of mashed potatoes, and they gave me the wrong kind, one item in the bag was placed in sideways and the contents managed to drip all over the bag, there was no sauce with either of the appetizer samplers, and all of the food (besides the fresh sampler platter) was cold. Our nice dinner together turned into a night of complaining about how cold and crappy our food was.
Now, I'm normally not picky, but tonight Russ' did not even come close to what I expect from them. We had more problems with them tonight than we've ever had with them in the past. I know it's not exceptionally bad service, but after my history with them I've come to expect a lot better than this.
I'm really disappointed in them.
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