January 14th, 2005

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I spent almost two hours at a clinic today for something that should've taken 10 minutes. My appointment was at 1:15, I showed up 10 minutes early and didn't get called from the waiting room until 1:50, then sat in the little waiting room until 2:30, and didn't get out of the building until 2:45. All of my previous visits to the clinic for the same purpose took 10 minutes, in and out.

When they called me back from the waiting room the woman said, "sorry for the wait... everyone decided to show up today!" Uh, okay. So you overbook appointments with the anticipation that some people won't show up, so when people actually do show up you're 45 minutes backed up? What the hell kind of sense does that make, and why the hell wasn't I called to be notified that I actually didn't have to show up on time to my appointment? While I'm at it, why the hell even make appointments if you're just going to overbook them?
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