January 2nd, 2005

I can live with Pizza Pizza

I like pizza a lot. For the last 10 years I've lived in countries where you can't get good pizza. I'm happy now to be back in Toronto. One night, quite late, I decided to order pizza from my favourite pizza chain, Pizzaville. I went online to check the hours and menu because I didn't have a paper menu. I saw that it closed at midnight and it was about 10 to midnight at that time. I decided to just order online (there was no phone in in the room, as we had just moved in--DSL, yes, actual phone, no). My order was completed at 11:55 pm. I have a confirmation e-mail saying so. About midnight the local outlet calls me and tells me it is two minutes after twelve and they can't do the order because they are closed. I tell her my order was placed at and confirmed at 11:55. She then said that the central processing office, where such orders are received, fax the orders to the store and, since they didn't get it until two minutes after 12, they weren't going to give me any pizza.

Now since I was still in the room without a phone, my wife had answered the call, spoken briefly with the women and brought the cordless handset into the room for me to talk to her. At this time, I looked at the time and it was 12:02. It couldn't have been any later than midnight when they called me, meaning they certainly did get my order before midnight.

She didn't sound the least bit concerned about turning away a pizza-loving customer. When I told her "Well, I'm sure Pizza Pizza will be happy to have my money," she was, of course, unconcerned.

Pizza Pizza was, indeed, happy to take my money and give me pizza. Since this happened, I have spent about $150 at Pizza Pizza over two months or so. Pizzaville has not gotten a dime and never will.

Pizzaville did send me an e-mail asking me how the pizza was and the whole online process. I related my tale of woe on the form and asked for someone to tell my why I should ever buy from them agin. There has, of course, been no response.

I'm sure some smart-ass will try to say I have no business ordering that close to closing, but to Hell with that. Closing means when they stop taking orders. If you want to stop taking orders at 11:30 so you can all leave bang on 12, say you close at 11:30. I've been to sit-down restaurants that post a closing time (say, 11:00) and a time for the last order (say, 10:30 or 10:45). If I miss last-order, I don't complain because it's explicitly stated.
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Dear Pizza Hut,

You suck. A lot. This isn't the first time you've done this, but we decided to give you another chance. When my co-worker called you, she told you to go to the front entrance by building Q. Why, then, did you go to the back entrance of building Z? How many other people work on the weekends in this office complex? You suck. For the record, so does Domino's. The Chinese places say "Ah, building Q?" when we call in. They KNOW us.

Again, you still suck,

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First post-- Checkers

A couple weeks ago, my mom and I went to Checker’s for a late dinner. It was around 10:30pm, so we went up to the speaker at drive-thru. We don't usually go there, so we weren't certain when they closed.

The first thing we asked was, “What time do you close tonight?” The guy says “Midnight”. We think okay, cool. My mom has a nervous condition, so it is sometimes difficult for her to order or do things quickly, so I yelled “We’ll just need a minute” so we could figure out what we wanted.

After about 30 seconds, the guy says “Are you gonna order at 11:55?!?!” My mom didn’t understand what he said, but I most certainly did. I was SO pissed. How dare he say something so rude?

After another 30 seconds, at most, we said we were ready.
Mom: I’d like a Big Buford combo with a diet soda, and uh… (she pauses to look at me, cos she forgot what I wanted)
Guy: So that’s a number 6 with a sprite?
My mom looks at me again, confused. A number 6 is a chicken meal. And she asked for a diet soda, i.e. a Diet Coke. It seems obvious to me that he was purposely trying to mess with her, especially since we could hear laughing in the background the whole time.
My mom got mad when she heard him laughing, so she asked for the manager to take her order. When we pulled around, the “manager” (who looked the same age as the kid who took our order) said he was very sorry, and that he had gotten several complaints about him, and that he was going to be fired. Now I’m not so sure if I believe that. But this was the rudest person I have EVER come across in service, ever.
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Oh boy...

My last entry wasn't very long ago, but here's the link just for reference: http://www.livejournal.com/community/bad_service/207542.html

NOW we've gone into the realm of Bad Service.
I'd like to update this right now, because being a Sunday night, and just being upset, I'd like to vent. But I won't post about it again until there's a resolution, so I don't clutter this poor community up.

Early this morning, an hour after Eyeglass World opened, my husband called them up to ask them to cancel the order. (he was the one who paid, so we thought we should have him talk to them.)
On the first phone call the guy, the same one who helped me on Dec. 31, said that there is absolutely no way that he can possibly cancel the order. At all. No way.

Well, then they got disconnected, and so my husband had to call back. Now the guy's (Brian) story has changed a little bit, and he says "He can only cancel the order once the lenses come in."

Alrighty then, so we drive down there with our receipt and ask him politely if he would write that on the receipt and sign and date it. He refuses to do that.

We talk to my parents for advice, as my dad is very good at dealing with stuff like this. After talking it over for a bit, my dad wants me to call Brian, and tell him that he's on speakerphone with me and my dad.

What we cannot, obviously, understand is why the order cannot be canceled at this point. It would be rather silly to wait until the lenses come in to cancel it, that's just a waste. (but we all know where this is going, and I'll go there in a minute.)

Brian gets huffy with us and accuses us of harassing him constantly. Ok, I know we're being frustrating customers, but he brought this on himself. By first off telling us there's NO WAY he can cancel the order, then changing his tune to some bogus sounding "we can't cancel until the lenses are here at our store." Which sounds ridiculous.

I also find it hard to believe that he ordered the glasses within the last hour of the day before a holiday. We are not so deep into this deal yet. See, my husband and I walked out of there 4:15 PM on Friday, Dec. 31. They closed that day at 5:00 PM. They were closed all day Jan. 1. They were open today, but there's no shipping services today.

So now I'm very nervous because more than likely, once the lenses do come in, I will now be charged with some sort of fee, be it a cancelation fee, a shipping and handling fee, or a re-stocking fee.
Brian claims that the lenses will be here around this Wednesday. (by the way, my dad pointed out that Brian merely said that he could cancel it then, he did not say that he WOULD cancel it then.)

My dad and I got the number for the regional manager, and we're talking to him tomorrow. (btw, I forgot to say that Brian claims to be the manager for this store.)

So... Eyeglass World first claimed there's no way to cancel an order. Then backpeddled and said that they can ONLY do it once the lenses are at their store, in their inventory, AND ALSO, Brian is claiming he has no authority or means to even give us a refund from his store.

Sure, there are different corporate policies that businesses decide to have. But this is all rather fishy sounding though, and I feel their policies are in place to screw the customer over.

(btw, when we were at the store today, an older gentleman was complaining that he was given the wrong glasses, and they were just saying "No we didn't.")


Oh, and the capper? We stupidly paid for this using our Visa Check Card, which after 30 minutes on the phone with the bank, yields us no recourse at the moment. Had we paid by check, we could put a stop payment on it. Had we paid by credit card, better idea, we could dispute this easier.
But MY bank says that the transaction has to go through first, then we can dispute it. (and it obviously has to be investigated and all that jazz.)

I made a promise to myself long ago to use a credit card for large purchases, and completely forgot about it. Crrraaaap. Now we're stuck. Well, for now.

Okay well, I'll update with how this all resolves, when it does. :(
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I eat at Subway quite a bit. The one thing that bothers me about the service in Subway is when it comes to situations when more than one person is ordering a sandwich and there is only one person making them.

I usually end up being the person who has another person "piggyback" onto my order, but am rarely the person who gets to piggyback on someone else. As a person who eats there often on breaks from work (and often not as well) it bothers me as there is no rhyme or reason as to how the orders are taken. If a franchise chose to take one order at a time, then that is fine with me, but to have ordered and then wait until someone else has gotten their two footlong sandwiches made (an exampled that happpens quite often)...that I don't like.

I would really like it if a sandwich artist did one order at a time (as in make the sandwich and take the payment after), no matter how busy it was. I would rather wait the few mins if I was the person behind, than to order a sandwich and wait extra long for someone behind me to order. Since my orders are always so simple and take little effort, waiting for someone else to make up their mind really bothers me.

I hope this post makes sense....does anyone else agree/disagree with me?
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