Nomad Zutroy (nomadzutroy) wrote in bad_service,
Nomad Zutroy

Towing companies...

So my husband forgot to get our block heater repaired and now the car won't start as it is really really cold. Yes, this is completely our fault. I'm accepting complete responsibility for this.

That said, when I call a towing company at 8:30am to have a tow truck sent out so that we can have said vehicle towed to the dealership for repair and the operator tells me there is an eta of "an hour" this means I anticipate the truck will be here an hour/hour and a half later.

10:40 rolls around and still no truck. I call the towing company again and am told the truck is on it's way and will be here very soon.

11:30 Comes. Still no truck, husband is starting to get grumpy as we wanted to have the car at the dealership prior to 11am so that it would for sure be serviced today and we would have it back in time for actual Christmas. I call towing company and again they assure me that someone is on the way, and that it's busy for them right now.

11:45 the tow truck driver calls because he is confused about where he is supposed to be going. He's on the 3900 block of the street we live in but can't find building 4040. I give the driver directions.

It is currently 10 after 12. Truck is still not here. WTF?
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