December 23rd, 2004

Spoon Skull

Yeah, That is why we call ahead to warn you!

So a group of my girlfriends and I get together about once a month for a nice dinner out. We call ahead whenever we can because there is usually about 8 of us and one of them is in a wheelchair so finding a table to accommodate us sometimes takes a while. This time we actually made reservations (at a "better" Chinese restaurant here in Nashville). I got there about 10 minutes before our reservation to check and they had us at two high top tables (like usually found in the bar area). Forget the fact that we had specified one of us was in a wheelchair why would you put a reservation at two high tops when 90% of your business is walk ins?

Then she had the nerve to ask if we could "make do". WTF? Yeah, we can just hand Maria's food to her since the tables are taller than her head! It then took them 40 minutes to get us a decent table ready and we weren't offered any compensation.

Then the waitress was one of those let me stand at one end of the table and strain to hear people rather than walk around and take the orders.

Not sure if this counts

Dear Staff at THS

You are teachers. You are all responsible for the students in your classes. My mother happens to be your co-worker and had informed you that I am asthmatic. Kindly DO NOT spray air freshener around the room while I am in it then call me a liar and refuse to let me leave the room when the air freshener sets off an attack. I value being able to breath and I assure you that no one was impressed that by the time I managed to get past you when you're blocking the door and then get to my mother, I hadn't been able to take my ventolin in time and could now no longer breath a full puff in. Thanks to your pig headed stupidity, I endded up in hospital.

No love,

Your former student