November 22nd, 2004

LFG hug

You may ask what happened, but that doesn't mean I'll answer...correctly.

More amused than actually annoyed. But still it was bad service..or manners. They kind of go hand in hand.

Let me explain something before i start though. I have some scarring on my arms that stand out quite brilliantly. Nothing short of surgery will ever fix this. I am slowly learning to live with said scars and cope as well as I can. But sometimes when people ask me what happened, I can't help but be unusually cruel. Especially when they make a show of it.

I love nosey people. I really do. Especially when I'm on the ball and looking for someone to harass for their stupidity. Case in point.

*Scene is at K-Mart. We're checking out, chubby little checker happily checking our items out. My mother and two children are with me, as well as a store crowded with holiday shoppers.*

*Cashier spotting the scars on my arms* Oh my god! Did you get into poison ivy or something?! *This of course being loud enough to be heard up at the service desk..some six cashier stalls down*

*Me looking up confused for a moment then look at my arms.* Oh no.. not from poison ivy.

*Mom looking rather embarassed FOR me looks like she's about to speak*

*The cashier gasps again and of course speaks loudy* NOT from Poison Ivy!? What's wrong with your arms!?

*By now I'm getting annoyed, yet amused, because here I am formulating an idea* No, not from poison Ivy.. I was bitten by tiny little insects.. from a place called NOYGDB.

*mom Looks at me perplexed and confused*

*Girl stares at me* Where's that?

*Me* Its a magical land..its short for None of your god damn business.

*Cashier resumes checking us out.. without another effing word*

Something tells me that she embarassed herself more than she embarassed me.
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Boston Pizza (it's a long one)

Last night, my boyfriend, his mom and dad, brother and gf, my mom and I, all went to Boston Pizza to 'celebrate' my boyfriend's birthday. We all met at 4pm. We were seated quickly, the restaurant wasn't busy at all. We sat down, got drinks, and placed our orders.

I ordered nachos, no jalapenos or olives, extra sour cream.
BF (Craig) ordered the Boston Brute, no onions, and a side caesar salad
my mom (Donna) ordered Tuscan Penne
bf's mom (Maryanne) ordered wings and garlic cheese bread
bf's dad (David) ordered nachos, no jalapenos, with chicken
bf's brother (Kyle) ordered nachos with chicken
and brothers's gf (Caroline) ordered twisty bread and a greek salad.

It was also made very clear that Caroline had to leave by 5:30 to be at work for 6pm. We ordered at 4:10pm, and at 4:20 were finally brought drinks. 4:50 we all wondered where our food was, no appetizers had been brought out. At 5, Caroline went and found the waitress(Dorothy) since she had disappeared. It was made REALLY CLEAR that Caroline had to leave in half an hour, and we still did not have any food.

The waitress appeared at 5:10 with 1 plate of nachos (Kyle), and the order of chicken wings. Caroline AGAIN spoke up and basically said "If I don't have my food in about 2 minutes, I won't have time to eat it". The waitress then disappeared, and came back with a manager (Nick), who informed us that he was really sorry, yaddayaddayadda, and said our food would be right out. Nick came back a few minutes later with 2 plates of nachos, both were just standard nachos, with all the stuff on them. Both David and I spoke up about the error, told him how long we've been waiting, and AGAIN we said that Caroline needed to leave. Apologies came AGAIN, and manager Nick disappeared, and reappeared 5 minutes later with the salad, and the nachos made properly. He was followed by some dude with the rest of the food, that was thankfully made properly. All the food was finally on our table at 5:25p.m., an hour and 15 minutes after we ordered.

Caroline took one bite of her salad, and was disgusted, as the greek salad had some sort of oil all over it, but no spices (to constitute an actual salad dressing as written in the menu). Nick came back over, took that away, and said we could all have free dessert. whoopee. I would have rather had a discount off my meal, but no big deal, I'll take dessert.

BIG MISTAKE. We ordered the dessert at 5:45, and at 6:10, NO DESSERT. Nick was called over again, promised us it would be right out, etc, and we got it at about 6:30. We had been in the restaurant for TWO AND A HALF HOURS, and most of the time was spent waiting.

So, the service was INSANELY SLOW, our waitress disappeared, 2 ordered were wrong, our appetizers were brought out at the same time as the meal (defeating the purpose of the appetizer), we never once got drink refills, and when we were offered dessert, we waited for 45 minutes for the dessert. When we wanted to pay, we all just got up and went to the cashier type area, because waitress was still MIA, and Nick was busy consoling 3 other tables around us complaining about the service.
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Sprint: We don't give a damn about you!

I'm a hearing-impaired user who wants to buy a 650 online and who is an existing Sprint customer who is eligible for the upgrade discount. Yet I can't order the 650 via Sprint's online store (it is still stuck on the 600). Nice. I can buy outdated equipment but not the equipment I actually want. I have a bad feeling about this ...

So I write to Sprint to complain. Their reply:
"Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience faced by you, while trying to order the desired phone online.

The PCS Phone by Treo 650 is available on a limited scale. Therefore, it has been restricted for sale to a single sales channel only.

It can be ordered through our TeleSales department. I would request you to call any of your authorized representative, to order the phone on your behalf. Please ask them to call 1-800-480-4727 to order the phone."
What part of HEARING-IMPAIRED did they not understand ??? I specifically told them that being forced to deal with phone ordering is UNACCEPTABLE. And they do what? Tell me to CALL THEIR SALES DEPARTMENT or CALL SOMEONE ELSE! That sound you hear is me beating my head against my desk at the incredible stupidity and lack of caring on display here.

Thank god my contract was up over a year ago. If the GSM version of this phone proves to be hearing-aid compatible I'm jumping ship and buying it from Cingular who will also hopefully not mess up the Bluetooth part of the phone to allow me to use my Mac's visual-call-alert feature as well as use the handsfree part of the Audi A3 Sportback I plan to buy next year when that becomes available in the US.

Thanks, Sprint. You just convinced me that another phone provider is better for me than you. I understand that Cingular gets stellar customer service ratings from a lot more people than you do. When I leave, I'm going to tell you exactly WHY I left. And tell you that you need to get your shit together real fast.
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The Straw that broke the Camel's back..

Alright. I've been going to this restaurant ever since I was at least 8 or 9 years old (I'm 24 now btw) and as time passes this restaurant has had plenty of practice at ticking me off. I've been extremely forgiving about my displeasure and unsavory service from the waitstaff, until I blew my top this evening.

It started out okay. For a change I went up to order and pay for our food (reasoning will come later) and it came up to 20.60 and the manager let me pay 20.35 since thats all the change I had. So then after being tossled about by buffet filler staff and customers alike i finally managed to get to my seat. Mom and I converse and things are going fine until the waitress brings out my steak.

Now picture this.. the waitress sticks her stomach out (which by all means is not all *that* big) and leans against the table like she was leaning up against a wall. My plate that I was still working on happened to be on the end of the table. Her stomach went RIGHT in it.. I sighed with a bit of irritation and pushed my plate away from her, and she just looked at me with the assumption I'd only moved the plate to accomodate the steak plate she had in her hand. She exits pretty quickly, she knew what she'd done. It disgusted me so bad i sat there in shock for a good 2 minutes. Then it made me mad.

This restaraunts rep includes: A waitress (not the same one) reaching over the table for a finished plate as I put my burger up to put it to my mouth and her armpit slid over the burger. >.< Next, and this is such a continual thing that my poor mom had to go to the hair salon to try and fix this problem - they ALWAYS ASSUME she is a senior and gives her the buckeye discount. Now, to most people this might be a welcome discount but my mom is one, very honest, two she is VERY sensitive about her looks and when people assume she's over 55 when she just turned 50 this year, it really hurts her feelings. She interprets it as this person thinks she looks old and ugly. (Note: I took her for her 40th birthday to a different restaurant and they asked her if she wanted to order from the senior menu and she wept.)The waitress who leaned into our table did this as well, and the entire staff has at some point. When you walk in or try to get to the buffet, the buffet staff shoots daggers at you and I've been literally pushed out of the way when trying to get something. Back in the day, one of them took the corner of a plate tray and hit my dad in the side because he happened to be stuck in her way.

Given all that, and tonights incident I absolutely refuse to eat at that restaurant and hope and pray that they hire some waitstaff and helpers who don't try to gross out or insult their customers.

I don't blame the manager, she tried to make it right by refunding our money but its going to continue happening unless they give their staff some brainfood.. I KNOW not ALL restaurants are like this, and I will be spending my money better with them. -sighs-

I just had to vent a bit. Thanks for reading.
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