November 12th, 2004

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While we're on the subject of U.S. Bank...

My wife just left U.S. Bank because of a similar "You guys screwed the pooch and now you expect ME to pay for it?" situation.

Aside from the fact that the U.S. Bank tellers at our local branch act like they are doing you a personal favor on par with granting permission to marry their daughter if asked to, say, do a standard deposit, they also cannot do deposits correctly.

My wife and I are in the habit of cashing our paycheck, then going back through the line to deposit the cash into the account, so that the funds are available instantly. As usual, she filled out a deposit slip and deposited the cash into the account. That was last Thursday. Standard procedure for almost any bank is that cash deposits are available immediately. She checked her account on Friday night. No money. WTF? Okay, checked Saturday. No money. WTF!? Called the bank's 24 hour line, they said there is no record of the deposit. In the meantime, the account went into the negative because of automatic charges (online RPGs, etc) that processed that night.

Monday morning, bank manager says: "Oh! Right! Yeah, a teller messed up. Sorry!" A teller messed up a cash deposit? Good thing she kept her deposit receipt...

Last straw. Union Planters, you now have my wife's business.
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Die Citibank Die!

(I have a problem with everyone's bank but my own. WTF.)

My wife's mom died in March of 2003. Citibank (and their strongarm collections department) continues to send letters to my wife, despite calls, letters, faxes, and legal proof of death, Citibank (and their contracted collection agency, Northland Group) continues to send letters to our address. Her mother never lived here. In fact, my wife didn't even live here (nor did we even know one another) in March of 2003. How they got my address, I'll never know.

I really wish they would take the hint and piss off. The woman died with very little to her name, and now the collection agency (WHO KNOWS SHE HAS PASSED ON) insists that my wife is responsible for paying off the account, and even goes so far as to offer to "settle" for "only" two payments of "only" ~$700 apiece within the next 60 days or they will take action against us.

I consider this not only harassment, but piss poor service.