November 11th, 2004

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Best Buy to drive away 20% of their customers

From the Wall Street Journal Online:
Analyzing Customers, Best Buy
Decides Not All Are Welcome

This year, Best Buy has rolled out its new angel-devil strategy in about 100 of its 670 stores. It is examining sales records and demographic data and sleuthing through computer databases to identify good and bad customers. To lure the high-spenders, it is stocking more merchandise and providing more appealing service. To deter the undesirables, it is cutting back on promotions and sales tactics that tend to draw them, and culling them from marketing lists.
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I don't think they can hear me now. . . Bad!!!

(Crossposted from personal journal)

OK, that's it. I'm done. I'm pissed at Sprint PCS and may no longer be their customer after the end of the month. The last straw was a dispute letter that I sent back in early September about some roaming charges that (I believe) were mistakenly applied to my account. (My "home zone" is anywhere in the country, and since I was in California, how can I have been roaming?) So I wrote a letter with my August bill payment explaining how I think there is an error, and to please remove the charges OR let me know why the charges were correct.

By the time the bill for September's charges came, I still hadn't heard anything, so I included another copy of the letter.

Now October's bill has come. STILL no response. Plus, they're now charging interest on the $6.25--something I don't think they can do if it's in dispute. I called and asked about it, and they claimed they "never got notice of a dispute"--which, of course, is baloney, because I included the letter with two bill payments, and both of those checks were cashed. So when I tried to file a dispute, she said it was too late, because it must be done within 15 days. GRRRR!!!!

So I'm writing another letter, going into the mail tomorrow: I reserve the right to cancel my service and jump ship to Verizon if, by November 30, I haven't heard either a) that the bill was wrong and that it's been adjusted, or b) an explanation of why the bill was correct.

I have my phone and plan all picked out with Verizon. All I have to do is hit approve, and I'm a Verizon customer. Which actually works out better for me anyway, since as part of their "in" plan I can talk to any Verizon customer--including DeDe--as much as I want without using any minutes.

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SprintPCS, all I'm asking for is a $6.25 credit, or a letter explaining why that August bill was right. Or, if you'd prefer, I'll jump ship to Verizon next month and you'll never hear from me again. The ball's in your court.
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US Bank/FirstStar must DIE!

Now I'm mad. I just checked my online banking statements, this is what it showed on 11/1/2004:


Balance: 1041.27
Available Balance: 291.27
Funds Withheld: 750.00
Misc Debits: 250.00

Now, all that makes sense. I have a check pending for $750.00, I've spent around $250, which leaves me with $41.27 in my checking account. Then I found out this happened.

Check Card Authorizations:

MEL'S DINER ... 26.91
MEL'S DINER ... 26.91
MEL'S DINER ... 26.91

Balance: -81.73


Check Card Authorizations:


Balance: -148.73


Balance: -181.73

I've now gone from a positive balance to a way negative balance.

This happens at least 3 times more on small for $2, a snack for $5...still within the balance that I have recorded in my records.

And so on. Eventually, I found out, even though 2 checks, one for $750, and one for $850 were deposited, I was overdrafted again, and again, and again. The bank never once told me I was in the red, never informed me, and also never told me that my deposits hadn't cleared. After 15, yes, 15 overdraft charges. I went from a balance that should have been $200.00 in the black, to over $700.00 in the red.

WTF kind of operation are they running here? They ran a single authorization 3 times, which caused me to go into the red for 2 days, and managed to screw my entire checking account up.

Who's at fault here? The bank, or the diner? I can't even tell who did the authorizing here.

And to make matters worse, my bank *still* is putting charges through...I've been using the card while in the red for almost a week, and they've never once declined a transaction, they just keep sending me further down the hole. I just found out about this last night, when a transaction was finally declined. Of course, they still let another $192 in transactions go through, which more than likely means more overdraft fees.

So what are my options here? Can I fight the initial fee that got this started and get all my money back, or what?
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