October 26th, 2004

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Hi everyone! This is a few months old, but I just found this community so I figured I'd post it.


I visited this store on Wednesday, July 28th. My intent was to buy the "M" brand 3 head lamp that was on special in the Sunday ad for $9.84. In the aisle where the empty spot was, there was a yellow circle sticker with the date 7/27 (one day prior). I tried to find a Meijer team member to ask if there were any more, and after finally finding the person who worked in Gifts and Lamps, she told me that "Oh, they must not have come in this morning's shipment. We will be getting more in tonight. You can call back tomorrow so you don't have to stop in."

I have no problem with the way she handled it, I just think that the right thing to do, customer service-wise, would have been to check in the back to make sure there weren't any stragglers that had been forgotten.

I stopped back into the same store today, July 29th, while I was out, as it was on my way home. Once again, the place on the shelf was empty. After looking and looking for a team member in the area, I decided to hit the 'help' button. After three pushes of the button, ten minutes of waiting, and noone coming to help me, I found someone down by the Ball canning supplies, who called on her walkie-talkie for assistance to lamps. Two younger men (one not dressed in the Meijer shirt) came to see what I needed. When I told them what I was told yesterday, one replied "We don't get shipments at night." Am I to be led to believe that I was lied to by one of the team members, or was one of them simply "mistaken in their mind"? The same person then said "They may have come in this morning. BUT we can't check on that, it's the night shift's job to put out stock".

I was just apalled by this statement. Isn't one of the main focuses of your store customer service? And don't you agree that I wasn't given what you should expect?


I sent that in through the Meijer website, which said that every letter would get a response within 3 days.

I still haven't gotten a response.