October 5th, 2004

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Don't mess with me when I am hungry!

Hi, new member here. I had a frustrating experience at a small burger stand in my hometown this past Saturday. We were headed out to Cheney to see family and friends, which is about 45 minutes from where I live now. I got my children and sister some lunch on the way out, at the last decent sized town before you hit Cheney. For some reason I wasn't hungry at the time, so I just got a drink. By three I was starving, and had no choice to eat in Cheney. The choices were 1) hideously slow and cheap or 2) hideously slow and expensive. So we headed to #1. I got my kids and sister an ice cream cone, which was served to them immediately, and ordered myself a burger and tater tots. I knew it would take forever, but after 15 minutes I was ready to chew on the table, so I went over to the counter to see how things were going. Not only was the grill clean and cold, but the two teens manning Cheney Burger were nowhere to be seen. I was starving, and just about to burst into tears. My tell my sister, who is visiting with a friend she ran into there, and they are both shocked. After about 5 more minutes, we hear the back door slam. I go up to the counter and see and smell the girls, who apparently had gone out for a smoke. I asked what happened to my food, and they both just looked at me. They didn't say anything, they just look at me. Finally, the girl who was cooking asked me if I wanted her to cook my food. I said NO, and asked for my money back. They look at me some more. The idiot who took my order eventually walks over to the till and figures out how to return my money. She hands it to me and never even says sorry or anything. I tell the kids and my sister to come on, we're leaving. The kids ask why, and I tell them because they didn't make my food. I was about to cry or kill someone, but I kept my cool.

We had to go to the expensive place, which is also a bar and grill, and I hate taking my kids into smoky places. My burger and fries cost $8, but I had it in 10 minutes and it was the most delicious burger I've ever had. I was so angry I didn't even think to call the manager at Cheney Burger on Monday - do you think it's too late?

Mmm, now I am hungry again!
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Chase Banking website not working...

Chase.com isn't allowing me to log into my online banking. It claims that Javascript isn't enabled in my browser, when in fact it is. (I verified all of the settings to make sure, and I'm an expert-level user, so I know I didn't change anything and I know I'm using a browser that meets all system requirements, esp. since they support Netscape 6.x. Same browser!)

So I fill out their form to report this, and guess what: I hit the submit button only to receive a 404 error page that informs me that I should search their site for the page I'm looking for.

All I want to do is check to make sure my last payment was received! I don't want to have to fire up Safari just to do that...

For a major bank to throw out customer feedback like that is inexcusable. (I'm hearing-impaired, incidentally, and dislike using phone banking, so the web interface is important to me.)

I'm posting here because it seems appropriate somehow. Could someone else with Firefox and a Chase credit card try logging in?
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