July 27th, 2004


I needed a laugh!!!

Not "bad service," just funny.

Last Thursday, I went to a Chinese place near my house. It was 103 degrees outside, and because the restaurant's A/C was down, 93 inside.

I walk in, the lady apologizes for it being so hot, and then asks, "Would you like any hot tea?"

She got an extra big tip for making me laugh.
faery 1

another royal mail screwup

oh yes. i am waiting for a parcel. today i get a card telling me that the postoffice has it. the cardhad been put through the WRONG LETTER BOX in another STREET!

not only that, the postie never bothered to knock to tell me he had a parcel.my theory, he didn't bother with my house, filled out the form already, and forgot to put it through a letter box so shoved it through any old door he wanted. because in tgheory, you put the card through the door when someone doesn't answer it! you don't carrry it away with you! and god, you have to knock before you card someone to let them know you are there!

can the postoffice get anymore shit!