July 14th, 2004


Why would I want to buy something I already have?

I got a sales call last night that went something like this:

ME: "This is Jim . . ."
CALLER: "Hi. I'm mumble from Earthlink with a special offer on DSL service."
ME: "I already have DSL from Earthlink."
CALLER: "Well you may be interested in our special offer for new people who switch."
ME: "I'm actually quite happy with EARTH LINK, my current provider."
CALLER: "With our offer you pay only $29.99 a month for six months . . ."
ME: "But I already have Earthlink."
CALLER: "Oh. But DSL is so much faster than dial up."
ME: "Actually, I am quite happy with the speed of my current E A R T H L I N K DEE ESS ELL connection."
CALLER: "DSL is up to 30 times faster than dial-up and only a few dollars more. Would you care to try Earthlink DSL?"
ME: "Actually, I think just the one DSL connection from Earthlink is enough."
CALLER: "Oh, you already have Earthlink DSL?"
ME: "Yes, and I'm quite happy with it."
CALLER: "Oh, OK. Have a great night, then."

Grrr . . .
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A question to anyone who works at/knows bank policies really well.

Is it a common practice to refuse to cash a payroll check because the balance in your account isn't enough to cover it if the payroll check bounces?