June 19th, 2004

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I work switchboard at a hospital during the graveyard shift which is 11pm to 7am, so my lunch hours are a little weird. I usually go to the local Jack-in-the-Crack for dinner around 3am. Have for the last year or so, with no problems. Well, they now have somebody working the graveyard shift there who seems to think that graveyard shift + no manager on duty = no need to work. I get there at my usual time, all the lights are on, half the service windows are open, but nobody's there. Thinking the person is in the back cleaning or something, I knock loudly on the glass and call out, in hopes that I'll get a response. Nothing. Ten minutes, and there's still no show. Now I might make an additional note that the windows at the front are unlatched, including the ones near the cash register. A less polite person could easily help themselves without any notice from the napping employee.

What's most irritating about this is that there is now nowhere available for me to actually get food during my lunch break.
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