June 3rd, 2004

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Why I will never again return to Gadzooks

The situation:

I bought a pair of shoes a little over a week ago (last Monday - not Memorial Day, the Monday before). My receipt states their return policy, and concerning shoes, I have 30 days to return them.

I went back to the store this past Monday (Memorial Day) because my friends wanted to check out a shirt there. While there, I want to show my friend the shoes I bought, and since the pair I bought were at home, we headed over to the shoe display, only to discover the shoes are now redlined (clearanced) with a difference in price of about $10.

Well, not to be greedy, but I want my $10, as that's a couple day's lunch for me. If it were only a couple dollars, I wouldn't have cared so much, but $10 is worth getting back.

So I go up to the counter and ask the girl if they do price adjustments, figuring, at this point, it's only been a week, so they will surely accomodate me. I'm told, "No, we don't do price adjustments."

NOWHERE in the store or on my receipt does it say that they do not do price adjustments. So I went back in today with my shoes (still unworn - well, I've worn them for a few minutes, to try them out, etc., but they've never been worn outside or for more than 10 minutes) and my receipt, and ask again if they will do a price adjustment (in case that particular person was wrong/having a bad day and not wanting to be helpful/whatever). I am again told no, so I reply that I would like to return my shoes and then re-buy them.

I am told that this is not possible. I can return them still, but they will not sell them to me at the lower price. (I know selling them to me at the lower price after returning them is essentially the same thing as a price adjustment, but I didn't know if maybe the system wouldn't take a price adjustment, so I thought perhaps they could do it as a return/exchange instead.)

Now, I work retail too, and I understand that the store needs to make money. But I also understand that clothes are marked up ridiculously, and that if you can save a customer some money, he or she will be more likely to become a repeat customer and even recommend shopping at your store. And stores need customers to make money. People don't want to buy things where they feel they've been ripped off.

So I kept my shoes and left the store. I really didn't want to be a sucky customer, and I knew if I stayed any longer I would get frustrated and probably angry. I wouldn't have minded so much if their policy had been made known (on a sign, on my receipt, etc.). I wouldn't have even minded too much if they would only give me store credit for it, because that's at least better than nothing, and it's more business for them anyway, so they'd still come out ahead. I would even have understood if they told me they could only adjust the price if they had the same size in stock (my store does that - if you want a price adjustment on clearance, the exact item MUST be in stock for us to do it). It can be frustrating if the item isn't there, but people can at least understand that if we don't have exactly what they bought, then that piece was too popular and was bought out before it was all clearanced down so therefore their piece is not clearanced and they can't get the clearance price for it.

Bottom line: Gadzooks has shitty store policy and I feel ripped off. My friends and I have vowed never to shop there again. (And no, we didn't scream that at the cashier or anything. We walked out of the store, looked at each other, and declared that the policy was crap and we would rather take our business elsewhere.) I urge those who are so inclined to follow our example and boycott Gadzooks.

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ah british postoffice, you have done it again. i go away for 10 days, i come back to find three cards telling me i have parcels waiting. i contact them, parcels arrive, yayness ensues.

BUT one parcel i was expdecting hadn't turned up. we wait a bit longer, still nothing. we call. they say: oh, we had it here, its due to go back to america cos you didn't contact us to ask for a redelivery within three weeks


this is the third time they have done this! one parcel DID get sent back, thankfully the first one they actually gave me a card to say, it is about to go back if you do not ask for it. this time we didn't get a first card, or a second, its abotu to go back card.

this is fucking ridiculous! you come to someones hosue witha parcel, you ring the bell, person not there. you put a CARD THROUGH THE DOOR! and you go. that's it. how can people know you have the parcel if you do not tell us!

not to mention the countless times i have to tell the postie to RING the bell, donmt' just knock. i can't always hear knocks. bad_service = british royal mail!