April 26th, 2004

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Dear registrars office at McCrap college



Seriously though, I was in there and for the period of 10 minuets and still came very close to breaking something.
This is a ritual we do every semester here, the registrars office is the definition of incompetant children. Somehow I think my 14 year old brother could do their job better than them, and he's a grade A moron.
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OT post..

Last week I went ahead and created a community, customerinquiry specifically for questions customers have. This community is for all those with questions on how to handle business situations, tipping, etc.

The goal is to take those type of posts out of here, have a location you know you can get an answer to a question you have and in the end these questions will be turned into memories for easy reference in the future.

The community is doing okay right now and we even have a few posts so head on over. Post your questions there and if you see anyone posting a question here, direct them to customerinquiry.

So if you have a problem with something: a business, store, restaurant, person, etc--post it over at customerinquiry and maybe someone can help you with your questions.

Thanks everybody.