April 22nd, 2004


For my 18th birthday, my parents bought me a cell phone and I set up an account. This was February 8, 2002. June or July of that year I screwed up and went over my minutes (212 minutes over) and I paid it in September (I made payments once a month and was finally able to pay it off in Sept). So anyway, I get my phone back on. Mid October, it got turned off again. Well, during the time it got turned off I moved. My mail was still getting sent to my parents house though. I found out that my phone got turned off because I went over 212 minutes. I had my phone on for about 2 weeks when this happened and I had a phone log on how much my phone was used. I used up about 120 minutes of my 350 minute plan if that. What is the possiblity of someone going over their minutes, to the exact minute, twice in a row. I called someone about it and got the run around. My mom tried to talk to them and they refused to talk to her. Then in February of 2003 I get a bill for $455. It was dated Feb. 10 2003, two days after my contract expired. One of the fees was a cancelation fee. I called the collection department that was sending me letters and they said it was too late to dso anything about. I dont like this wireless company. I am hoping to be able to get a contract or prepaid from someone else. oh well. this company screwed me pver all around and I dont know what to do about it now.
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