April 5th, 2004



SMUD (the local power company) LOST my mailed payment. I know it was mailed; it was with all my other bills, and somehow those checks got deposited. Yet Saturday, I got my bill for this month, and last month's payment was not credited. I called my credit union; the check was never cashed.

For the next few months, I'm going to mail my payment in a big 'ol 11 x 17 envelope, or even a bigger one if I can find it. Let them TRY to lose it now!!!
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I know it's a thrift store, but really...

...shouldn't the word 'store' take priority there?

I went to Goodwill today, looking specifically for box springs. (You see, we bought our mattress at Goodwill several months ago and the lack of a boxspring is beginning to be keenly felt.) I found a great many mattresses and box springs lined up against the wall, and, pleased with the selection, fetched an employee and told them I wanted to buy THOSE two box springs. (Our mattress is king-sized, and thus two twin-size box springs are used.)

For the record, the mattresses lined up were rose-floral, blue-floral, blue & green stripes, gold & cream stripes, and a different shade of pink floral. The box-springs I wished to buy were gold, cream, and brown stripes....coordinating with (but not matching) the one mattress.

When a manager at length arrived, she informed me that she would not sell me the box-springs. "They must be sold as a set," she said, indicating the gold/cream striped mattress and one of the box-springs I was intent on buying. I pointed out that the many mattresses and only two box springs indicated that they received single mattresses all the time. "They must be sold as a set," she repeated. She then darted over to the blue-floral (the closest twin-size mattress) and, pointing at the remaining box-spring, said "These two could be a set, too!"

At this point I said that if we couldn't come to an agreement, then we couldn't do business. "I do not want to buy a mattress. I do not NEED a mattress."

Thrift store is right; I ended up spending no money at all. I suppose that's the ultimate in thrift.
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U.S. Title Service

A friend of mine boight a motorcycle from a garage sale back in 1992. She and her boyfriend fixed it up over the years - it now runs perfectly. I was going to buy it from them (1985 Vulcan) for $400. Only problem was that it didn't have a title, since it was bought in a garage sale for $100... A requirement for such a vehicle in FL. A bit of googling and I found a company willing to, for $175, register it in another state and "sell" it to me, and I could take the bill of sale to my DMV and title it. I read some reviews and they seemed reputable, so in September, I sent them my $175.

Fast forward to now. I haven't received anything from them. I've sent a few emails and the owner of the company called me in December and told me that the bill of sale must've gotten lost in the mail and that he'd resend it. Nada. I'm fed up with them and going to call them and see if I can get my money back.

In the meantime, I've already lost my patience and bought another bike; the plan is to just sell the title to the chick who owns the bike so she can sell it to someone else. It's a pain in the ass for me, because I'm out of this $175 so far. So, for future reference, if anybody needs to retitle a vintage bike, don't use U.S. Title Service -- they're apparently useless and I'd hate for anybody to go through what I've gone through so far.

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Anyone order from these guys?


Desire Clothing, Inc
33 Tom
Hamilton, ON
L8R 1X2

This is what happened to me:

I ordered a custom made Victorian coat from them January 27, 2004. They gave me the details and I sent them a money order for $400. I have spoken verbally to NO ONE, up to this date, not that I have not tried. I have called them many many many times, but the answering machine always picked up. I left my phone number (cell and work number) but no one has EVER called me to discuss this problem. I, to this day, have NOT received my product. They have cashed my money order. I have emailed them multiple times, and they have told me on 2 occasions that my coat would be shipped out THAT WEEK , but I did not receive anything. I emailed them to tell them I had not received anything. The first time, they told me that they had to "order the velvet from Montreal and that they would be shipping it out that Friday" which would be March 5th. I have not received it. The second time, I have heard NOTHING. I have copies of the email correspondence.

Has anyone experienced the same thing?

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I witnessed the stupidest thing today. I had somewhere to be, but I was too early, so I took a walk and went into this video store to look around. I didn't get acknowledged by the employee who stood there looking bored. I saw a movie I wanted to rent that I've never seen anyplace else, so I took it to the counter to rent it. I told the employee I'd like to open a membership. And she says?

"Sorry, we're not opening new memberships."

I was kind of stunned. What video store doesn't want new business? She then looked at me and the movie, as if to say "You can put that back." I did. Then I left, and by that time, she was gabbing to her friends on the phone.

Tonight I called the store to find out why they weren't opening new memberships and they said they were changing management. *Scratches head* I work in a video store, we've changed management...didn't stop us from opening new memberships. I don't understand what that has to do with anything. I think it's a sucky way to run a business.