February 20th, 2004

The Last Straw (literally)

Okay, so I'm at the local Whataburger figuring I'll get a bite before work. They've been fouling up my orders more frequently lately, so I went inside to eat this time. I got my order in (and made double-sure on the reciept that it was what I wanted) and went to pour my drink. No straws. Not a big deal, but I wanted a straw. So I ask the cashier, "There aren't any straws over here, can I have one?" "No." "..okay, why not?" "We don't have any. Ran out two hours ago." Okay, I can understand a slight amount of irritability considering she's probably had to deal with it all afternoon--but at the same time, don't look at me like it's MY fault your boss doesn't know how to order supplies.

So I was in a somewhat put-off mood. I get my food and sit down. Now, as I've mentioned before, people in this state seem to have difficulty understanding the words "no onions". I'm sorry, I hate onions. So when I get a burger that's got practically an ENTIRE ONION chopped up on it when I specifically asked for none (and it even said so on the reciept-- NO ONION-- I'm going to get upset. I hadn't even bitten into the thing, I just walked up, and asked to talk to the boss.

Me: I ordered no onions.
Boss: looks like you got your onions.
Me: I don't want onions.
Boss: Then why'd you order them?
Me: I didn't.
Boss: But you've got them there, you must have--
Me: *snap* Listen, you twit! I said I ordered NO ONIONS! I DO NOT WANT THEM. Not only did I not ask for them, but I specifically told the cashier that I DID NOT want them! This is the third time IN A ROW you people have messed up my order, and I'm sick of being all nice and polite and understanding about it! I know mistakes happen, but that's all you people DO here! (Note: Edited for content..imagine this rant liberally spread with varying four-letter words..I'm sorry, but I was just sick to death of dealing with them)
Boss: Sir, I'm going to ask you to leave.
Me: I wouldn't stay on a F***ing bet!

So I went to Subway instead, where I can actually watch them make my food and ensure they don't screw anything up. And no, I didn't get a refund. I probably won't be allowed back. Oh well. Chalk it up to experience.
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fun with unemployment.

Hey ya.

Is anybody else aware that if you get fired from your job, rather than quit, you're more likely to get paid unemployment for a few months? Why haven't more people put this plan into action?

This one guy did. He desperately tried to get his asshole boss to fire him, but it turned out to be harder than it sounds. Take a look, it's funny and sad at the same time. Mostly funny.

Fire Me, You Fucking Prick!


Where's the beef?!

Okay, the girl was nice enough, so I hate even having to post this. But it seriously bothered me, because Wawa (a 24-hour convenience store/deli for those not in the area) has NEVER fucked up before. Wawa is my heaven. This girl though.. me and my friend went in around midnight (meaning not busy in the least) last night and ordered a couple sandwiches. First, for some odd reason, right after we put the orders in, she got this really pissed off look on her face and stormed into the back for a couple minutes. Me and my friend did not know what to make of that, so we just wandered the store getting the rest of our stuff and hoped she'd come back out soon. Well, she did, and had magically become pleasant, which we found odd, but just shrugged it off. She started making our sandwiches and made small talk. And then continued making the sandwiches. And continued. FOREVER. I have never seen anybody work so slow in my life, but that's not really what I'm complaining about. Hey, I'll even take part of the blame because we were distracting her. Here's the reason I'm posting. Me and my friend get back to the house and open our sandwiches. He ordered a cheese sandwich- instead of the nine slices they're supposed to put on there, he got three. A third of what he paid for. I had ordered an Italian (and I checked the receipt to make sure I hadn't accidentally ordered the wrong thing)- and I got the exact same thing he got. Three slices of cheese, with no meat to be found anywhere. Italian means cheese with salami, ham, and other MEATS. How do you forget the most important part of the sandwich? I know this doesn't sound that bad in retrospect, but seriously. When you're hungry, it's a BIG deal. I just can not understand how you can fuck up two sandwiches in a row when they are for the ONLY two customers in the store. Maybe she was new. Who knows. I'll let her off the hook. I just needed to vent about my lack of midnight snack.