February 19th, 2004

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i like eating at pizza hut. my old job was about 9 minutes up the road from the local pizza hut - i often ordered delivery from there. many times, i'd stop in to pick up a pizza.

disclaimer: in my twenty plus years of experience in being a human, i know people screw up. it is not necessary to bicker, lie, and shout when you've done so.

incident one. i order a pizza with ham. i show up and find a pizza with peppers. typical response, 'oh, shit, i'll make a new one.' no big deal.

incident two. it takes TWO HOURS to get a pizza i ordered for delivery. i ordered food 'cause i was hungry. i was at work at the time, six miles up from the store on the same local highway. the pizza guy ends up at a sunoco in stroudsburg (hello, forty minutes away) instead of a texaco in stockertown. (six miles up the road. within their delivery area.) typical response, 'oh shit, it's free next time.' no big deal.

incident three. my boyfriend and i are eating there. we order a large pepperoni stuffed crust. the pizza is so burnt you can't tell cheese from pepperoni to crust. i tell our server that the pizza's "um, a bit crispy." i keep eating. typical response, 'oh shit, here's 10% off.' no big deal.
as i go to pay, the manager comes out and demands my name, address, and phone number. "because when somebody complains three times, we obviously can't serve you to your specifications, so we won't." she's laying on the attitude extra thick. "obviously the pizza wasn't that bad, if you're taking it home with you." is it any of her business? i go back to my table to pick up my box that my boyfriend left on the table in his dash away from the commotion, and she's talking to one of the employees. (who i used to work with. she knows i don't bitch needlessly, but that i don't stop when i'm right.) "that girl, every time she's in here, she complains."

i called their toll-free number. nobody cared. nobody called me back. bastards.

this was two years ago. i haven't been back since.
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The Name Issue

Although this post has been prompted by a specific event, there were no sucky employees involved. It's more about a management decision that can lead to customer discomfort and perceived bad service than about actual bad service.
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Hi everyone. I'm new. :) But I do have something to share with you all.

Now usually, I'm pretty nice with waiters, cashiers, tech folks... any job that someone has to take beef with. And usually, if I get a mistake on my order, I'll just deal with it. But this was too much.

Please do not complain to me about how customers always ask you for everything after they order when I ask for some honey mustard sauce. I'm sorry, bitch, I'm not going to eat my chicken strips plain, so you can get off your ass and DO YOUR JOB.

Do not complain when I give you a 6 dollar tip for a 10 dollar meal and stomp back into the kitchen.

Do not complain when I say, "I know how you feel," bitching about how I possibly couldn't know because I'm 13.


Much love. Thanks for letting me rant. :)
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