February 15th, 2004

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Good service

A friend and I went out to a restaurant tonight and got really awesome service. Our waitress was really friendly and got us everything super-promptly (and the food was great, too). This on Valentine's Day when the entire freaking world goes out to restaurants. When she came to clear the plates, I used the opportunity to tell her what a fantastic job she was doing. She said that it had been nothing but one crisis after another all night, and it was really nice to hear that she was doing well. We left something like a $5 tip on a $20 check (which I guess isn't exorbitant, but more than I'd usually leave *shrug*). It's always nice to get good service.
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Recap on the Letter from Credit Protection:

sorry about not summerizing the situation..i thought i posted when the situation started and i was just updating.

To recap:

My husband had a medical bill from way before we met. when we lived in houston he would get a post card every once in a while saying he owed and amount that was accruing interest. At the time we could not pay. We get to Ohio in December 2002 and in may 2003 when we both get good jobs we contact them. I ask that regular receipts with a declining balance written on it when they say he owes nearly twice the amount ever owed. They stated they would take off all the interest if they were properly paid. I let them know that i needed the receipt and would be happy to pay it since i take care of the bills.

Fast forward 8 months of religious paying.

We move to our own apartment and i call them to let them know i had not received their latest receipt. The girl says they don't send statements. I said i need the receipts and she sends to the wrong address after i give it to her. At the and of the week she calls and wants payment. I say not without the receipt because that is what we agreed to. She said that she was tired of arguing the issue and was going to sue. Then she called back and told my husband that if he missed a payment that they would garnish his wages since she had called HR where my husband works and set it up. I researched the process and found out they couldn't do that without having a judgement against us and it was not something they could just set up on the phone> I then reported them to the Better Business Bureau.

Half-brained Service

I knew that dinner would be crazy so my husband and I did lunch instead. We went to Outback, got seated right away, and ended up with a total flake for a server. She was just plain scatterbrained. FIRST off, after she brought our drinks and was going to take our order, she'd left our ticket at the bar and had to go retrieve it.

She told us the soups of the day were Potato and French Onion. When my husband wanted a cup of French Onion she said it only came in a crock and that you couldn't get it in a cup. (No problem... he just went for the larger portion) When she took our order (the yummy new Steak salads they've got!) I don't like Bleu Cheese, so I asked if Caesar dressing could be substituted instead. She made a detailed note on our ticket. Then she ran off without asking how I wanted the steak cooked.

We got our soup and bread, which were good, then we waited. And waited. And talked about how their piped music was ALL from the 70's. Playing "Name that Tune" and such. THEN the server came back to ask how I wanted my steak. (To which I thought... "Guess it'll be a while longer if they haven't fired the steaks...") A little while later a manager-type came to the table and apologized for the wait saying that while preparing our order someone had dumped bleu cheese ALL over my salad and it'd be a few more minutes. Thankfully, the food came relatively quickly after that. And was WONDERFUL.

Personally, I think the manager came over to gauge our mood so as to decide whether she needed to comp our meal or not! But being generally congenial and not in any big hurry that day, we weren't all bitchy like SOME customers may have been. I bet if we were all irate we could have gotten a free meal. But since it was only time wasted and nothing to do with the actual quality of the food, we didn't complain.

When we got the check, my husband wasn't thinking and put a $4 tip on a $35 tab. I told him "That's a sucky tip!" so he changed it to $6. Whether the server actually deserved it or not could be up for debate.

Stupid customer service, but great on-site techs = Comcast this weekend

Long story short: apartment was robbed, jerkoffs ripped cable modem out of the wall among other things. This is Friday. After calling police, insurance company, et cetera, I call Comcast to report it, get serial number, ask for someone to come in to fix the cable mess and replace the cable modem. (Stress on the last part of that, I needed Net access tonight for certain business issues.)

Customer Service Rep #1 (CSR1 for short) tells me that yes, they will have a technician in "tomorrow" (that's SUPPOSED to mean Saturday, right?) sometime between 8 am and 8 pm. Yep, I have to stick around in that apartment for 12 hours.

Since I'm spending the night at my parents' in the next county, I figure, well, I get up at 6:30, I can be back by 8 am. No problem. Annoying, but no problem.

So I struggle out of bed the next morning and go all the way down 95 and halfway around the Beltway to get home by 8. Cops come again, I get the OK to have my locks changed and to clean up, talk to insurance some more, get the locks changed, try to do some cleaning...

It's 3 pm, and I'm bored and stir crazy and want to at least go walking. So I call Comcast again to verify that yeah, I'm on the docket.

For FEBRUARY 15th.

*growl* Nowhere in the first conversation did CSR1 say the word "Sunday," or "15th" or "day after". He told me "tomorrow," which on Friday means SATURDAY. I've been sitting around my apartment for seven hours for no reason. So I groan, but re-verify the details (repair the cable, replace the modem) with CSR2 and thank her very much. I go to my folks' again to visit another friend and have a mini-Anti-Valentine's party.

This morning, I get up at 6:30 and got back to my place at 8 am sharp. Go, me. I call Comcast again at noon to verify that they hadn't lost my info (being a pest, I know). I repeat the details to CSR3, yes, I'm still on the docket, I breathe sigh of relief.

At 2:00 today, an on-site tech shows up. Yay! He fixes the cable, hooks up the little TV I brought from Mom's - ta da! As he's packing up, I ask, "What about the cable modem?"

"What cable modem?"

"The one I needed replaced. They stole that too."

"That wasn't in the work order."

(I told THREE different CSRs that the cable modem needed to be replaced. NONE OF THEM put that in the work order.)

So just as I'm about to kill something, he starts calling other techs in the area, looking for a spare modem. When he gets asked why, he says, "Customer service f*cked up again, of course." *snerk*

An hour and a half later, another technician showed up with a new modem.

Ten minutes later, I have Internet access again. These two guys rock.

So the customer service reps apparently have tapioca for brains. Fortunately, there appear to be enough on-site techs with common sense and compassion to pick up the slack. :)
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This is more of a pet peeve than a service issue, but it really bugs me when I order a medium soda and get asked if I want a large, or if I want a combo meal with my sandwich. No, dammit, I don't! If I'd wanted a large soda, or a combo meal, I'd have asked for it!

I know that employees are probably trained to ask that as a service issue, but it's annoying.