January 23rd, 2004

Bad Service or Good Service?

Yesterday, I walked in to the nearby Chevron to get some Spaghettio's for lunch and some gas for my truck. Up walks the dude with Down's Syndrome.
Me: Hi, my name is Megan. (I remember Mark from when he was in Special Olympics with my sister).
Him: MEGAN, HAAAAAAAAAPY NEW YEAR! (At this point he gives me a hug.)
Me: Yeah man, you to.
Me: Yes.
Mark: (he now starts rubbing his nose because there is snot dripping all over. Then he takes his hand and kisses it and smacks it on my cheek.)
Me: (horrified but trying to keep a smile on my bright red face) Okaaaaay, I am in a rush -
Mark: MEGAN! (now he is pointing at his cheek expecting me to do it back.)
Sadly, I had no snot coming out of my nose, therefore, I kissed my (snot free) hand and put it on his cheek. We then parted ways. This whole story would have been hilarious had it been someone else.
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I ordered Chinese to be delivered at work today. I placed the order at around 11:40. The guy who took the order said it would be around 30 - 45 minutes (normal for this place). I call at 12:45 to find out where my food is. The guy at the restaurant says the driver left about 10 minutes ago, and should be here any minute. I inform him that I was told 30 - 45 minutes when I placed the order. He apologized, we hung up.

Order gets here at 12:50. Driver told me that they were out of Diet Sprite (co-workers drink choice) so they subbed Diet Pepsi (without calling to notify me . I said okay. Take it to co-worker, turns out she is allergic to caffiene and can't drink it.

I pass out everyones food. My meal is luke warm. Not hot, not warm, but been sitting on the counter for 30 minutes cold.

I call, and they offered to send out another meal, and I decline. I'm so pissed, I can't eat. I tell them about the drink issue, and they said that they will note my account so I get a free drink next time I order.

This has me so upset... I've NEVER had this issue with them before.


Side note, I hope to never see myself in here... I work in collections for a finance company, and do my best to make sure that I can work out an arrangement with my customers that is satisfactory to both my customer, and the company I work for.
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I went to Rite Aid this morning to buy a pregnancy test, and got the third degree from the cashier. It rather irritated me.

She wanted to know if a positive result would be a good thing, and I just looked at her and shrugged. Then she went into this spiel about being 41 and desperately wanting a child, and did I have any kids yet?

I shrugged again, said I had two kids, and handed over my money. She nattered on about how people who don't want any more kids shouldn't have unprotected sex - which just pissed me right the fuck off, first for her asking personal questions, and second for her making assumptions about my contraceptive choices and sexual practices.

It so happened that it was purchased as part of a project I'm working on for a client, not for my use. But since when is it any of the drug store cashier's fucking business?

I filed a complaint with corporate. Criminy, with such indiscretion, it's no wonder that teenagers are afraid to go to the pharmacy for condoms!
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Large bills.

I should probably post this at customers_suck, since I often see the issue raised there, but it inspires so much irritation in some people that I'm afraid to bring it up. ;)

A lot of cashiers complain about customers paying (usually for small purchases) with $50 or $100 bills. I'm just curious as to how much money people think a customer needs to spend in order to feel "justified" in using a larger bill.

I can understand getting annoyed when someone whips out $100 to pay for a pack of gum. But at the other extreme, I remember buying a book at B. Dalton and getting the same attitude. The book was something like $26 (so around $28 with tax) and I paid with a $50 and got the sigh/eyeroll/"Do you have anything smaller?" If I did, I was probably saving it for smaller purchases, and I didn't want to put the book on a credit card when I had the cash to pay for it. If a store can't manage to give $22 in change, that doesn't make me a sucky customer. Nor does it reflect badly on the employee (although her attitude was crappy enough to make her a good example of bad_service). But it does say something about how the store is managed. There should be a decent amount of change in the registers, and if there's not, it shouldn't be taken out on the customer.

(I do have experience on the other side, by the way. I spent half my teenage years behind the counter of my family's toy store, and I don't remember ever running that low on change. And that was in a vacation area, with tourists and snowbirds waving around their $100 bills and huge traveler's checks, ugh. I don't miss those customers, although I miss the store itself. ;))

But I'm curious as to what others think about paying with larger bills, because I do try very hard not to be a sucky customer.
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