Gwendolen (everanddespair) wrote in bad_service,

bar + children = wtf?

It has been snowing quite a bit here in Oregon and I have missed quite a bit of work being snowed in at my house. There is a bar and grill place very close to my house that I walked to so I could enjoy a Bailey's and Coffee.
The place has a restaurant side and a bar side. So I sit there, enjoying my drink and conversation with other patrons, watching the Blazer game, when this couple comes in with their 6 or 7, maybe 8 year old child. They sit in the bar area! Not only do I think many people, including myself, sit in the bar to get away from children, but this is illegal!
No one said or did anything! The staff let the family sit in the bar area. Up until then, I was very satisfied with the service. The bartenders were friendly and polite, but the fact that they didn't even ask the family to sit in the restaurant where the child is legally allowed and where the adults can still order alcohol, just made me a little perturbed.
I suppose this is mostly a wtf service, but I think it was kind of bad that the bartenders allowed that. If an Oregon Liquor Control Commission inspector had been there, they would have gotten a hefty fine. I left sooner than I wanted to because the kid could not sit still.

ETA: In Oregon, minors are not allowed in bar areas. Not at the bar, not at tables. There are signs that say as much.

ETA again: From the OLCC Laws and Regulations book:
(b) "No Minors Permitted in This
Portion of The Premises or at This Bar",
(Number II Minor Posting). The
Commission assigns this posting to
rooms or areas of a premises where
there is a drinking environment or
drinking alcohol does or is likely to
predominate most of the time. Some
examples are lounges, gambling rooms,
the bar and other rooms or areas where
drinking alcohol is the predominant

That is the sign posted for the bar area.
Tags: ^annoyance, business breaking the rules, this can only end in beers, wank
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