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Why Mastercard sucks...

Or, alternatively, why I will never pay a credit card late. 'Cause they are persistant little buggers even if you aren't the person they're trying to reach!

I lived in a college dorm last year, which means every year we get a new number. Oi, it can be a pain in the ass. Especially when the former occupant decides to move out in the middle of the previous semester, leave a huge mess in the room (so I've been told) and worst of all: Not paying her credit card bills.

When I hooked up my phone, I noticed there were messages on the phone...about 30 in total. All were people going: 'Hello? Hello?" and "Please call mastercard now". I deleted them and didn't think much about it. Until my phone started ringing at 8:30 a.m. EVERY MORNING. I never got up to answer it because I'm a lazy college student like that - and anyone who really needed me knew to call me on my cellphone. But there were always weird messages that ended up being the end of a pre-recorded message.

I took this for about a week and finally picked up to hear the message, and discover it's Mastercard calling and it's vital 'Rachel' call them back (I am not Rachel). So I call them and get a person on the phone

Rep: Account number please?
Me: I don't have an account number but you guys are -
Rep: Then why are you calling us?
(Me pausing in shock)
Me: Well you guys have left a lot of message on my phone, but I don't have a card with you at all.
Rep: What's the phone number?
(I give it to her)
Rep: We don't have that number in our system at all, so I don't know why you're getting calls.
Me: Well I am, so please fix this because whoever lived here before doesn't live here anymore.

I assumed it was fixed because I got no calls for 3 days. Then it started again. So I called again, calmy explained myself and was assured it would be taken care of. Repeat this 4 more times. On my 6th call I got a bit snippy because the guy I was talking to was being an ass - like it was MY fault they were calling me, and that I was an idiot for calling him for something so stupid. He kept cutting me off, and having such a snide tone I could have killed him.

Finally, one evening I get a phone call from a live person from Mastercard:

Rep: Is Rachel there?
Me: I'm sorry, there is no Rachel living here.
Rep: Are you sure? I'm a Rep. from mastercard and this is the number she had listed.
Me: This is a college dorm, and she doesn't live here anymore.
Rep: Well this is her number!
Me: (I had now lost my patience with them). Look, as I have told the LAST EIGHT PEOPLE I've talked with at Mastercard, this is NOT HER NUMBER ANYMORE. Write it on your forehead and don't call me again. I will file a harassment complaint!
Rep: (pause) Ok then, sorry.

Maybe I was being mean, but seriously, I should not have had to deal with 2 months of calls at 8:30 a.m.

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