December 26th, 2003

Joscelin Southpark

Is It Just Me Or...

Greetings, I'm new to the community. I just find myself wondering if many people here, like myself, have backgrounds in food service, retail or other customer service functions that give us more of an eye for when service isn't up to par?

Here are jobs I've done that make me a little more wary in service situations:

McDonald's Manager (worked my way up from grunt, so I've done it ALL)
Radio Shack Salesperson
AT&T Operator
AT&T Small Business Salesperson
Switchboard Operator
Catalog Phone Order Rep

The truth is that I'm pretty jaded on humanity as a whole based on some of the shoddy experiences I've had. I think also that it makes me more apt to be critical whenever I am the customer.

Anyway, just wanted to *wave* and say hello. Have a good one!
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I had a couch on layaway. I paid it off last week, it was supposed to be delivered today. Things got mixed up at the warehouse. I can pay another $60 delivery fee and have it tomorrow, of wait until the 31st and pay nothing. I feel I should get the couch tomorrow without the delivery fee. They are the ones that messed up, not me. The furniture store said they would credit me the $60 on another item I have on layaway. I have decided to pay the extra 60 and get the couch tomorrow, I’m just concerned with the fact that a third party is going to deliver the couch.