October 17th, 2003

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So here it is...

We rented a U-Haul on Friday, the tenth of October to move our appliances and large furniture from house to house. (Rental fee $39.95, deposit of $60, there was some mention of mileage.) We walk out the door at 12:25, knowing that the truck has to be back in twenty-four hours.

Twenty-three hours later, after a lot of sweating, straining, exhaustion and bad language, we return the truck.

The two employees there have no idea what they're doing.

Initially they don't want to return any of the money. I keep repeating that 'We left a $60 deposit, we must be owed some money back' and eventually one of them gives me back the $60.

Now, on the receipt nothing was itemized, just a record that such and such a sum was received. This is one reason why the employees had such a difficult time with the deposit concept.

We are now receiving phone calls dunning us for $54 that we allegedly owe the U-Haul guy since his idiot employees had no clue what they were doing.

No. It is not my job to total up my own bill and tell the cashier how much I owe them and how much change I'll be getting. I concluded this transaction in good faith and see no reason why their incompetence & bad management should mean that we should be threatened with collection agencies and legal action on the first phone call.

Craig, the supervisor, claims that none of the U-Haul trained employees were working that day. (Since we arranged to return the truck that morning, this sounds like he was trying to make it impossible to return, thus charging us another days' rental.) I had never rented from U-Haul before, and thus I trusted the employees to know their jobs.

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Update . . . and Early Birds

First, an update: Everything seems to be OK again with the major regional bank I wrote about a few weeks ago. They agreed to waive the second $21 overdraft fee since it was technically their error. I agreed to go ahead and pay the $2, though, even though I still maintain that they shouldn't advertise "Free Foreign ATM Use" if they don't mean it. I only legally have to keep that account open for another couple of weeks, but I think I'll take the advise of one person here and keep it open so they'll keep sending me statements every month, paying postage every month to tell me I have one cent in the account. Thanks for all of your help, and for telling me I'm not alone with paying bulls**t fees.

* * *

New gripe: FedEx came early today!! Their sign says they pick up at 4:30, which we take to mean 4:30; we always make a point to get our stuff in the box by 4:00 just to be safe. But when I went down there a second ago (at 3:15) to put in some stuff for our clients, they had already picked up for the day!!! Of course, they have to be early on the ONE day that we have something that HAS to go out today and can't wait until Monday. Grrr . . . Now I have to go drive across town to take it to their main office, in Friday afternoon traffic, and when I have to be somewhere at 7:00. Grumble, grumble, grumble.
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