Becky (sobreviviente86) wrote in bad_service,

Minor but seriously, why should I care?!

Dear Mr. Courier,
You work in Wellington. Its the kind of place where people joke that, if you do any kind of walking at all, you're guaranteed to have a tight ass what with all the hills and steps.
Keeping that in mind, WHY would you whine to me about my SHORT path and FOUR steps required to get to my front door with that light package (it was a pair of togs for gods sake!).
Seriously, if that's the worst path you've ever had to walk up or down in this city, you must be the slackest bastard on earth.
I don't care! Let me sign the bloody slip and go back to eating my lunch!
No love,
The gal with a bad back and bad knees who manages to walk that path at LEAST two times a day without bawling about it.
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