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Oh for the love of....

(originally from Wednesday--I just found this comm today)

Ok, so I had an appointment with Planned Parenthood yesterday for an official result of my pregnancy. Or at least I was SUPPOSED to.

But when we got there (it was a tiny little shack, I kid you not,) the receptionist told me they didn't take my insurance, they had to have cash if I didn't have medicare, and the test would be $25. The only part of that information that matched what I'd been told when I originally set up the appointment by phone was the cost. It being a few days before payday, naturally I'm broke, right?

I decided to try my debit card ONCE for the amount, and if it didn't take that amount, I told her not to bother trying again. Well, this dimwit tried THREE times on my card, after I'd asked her only to do it once. So now I'm stuck with MORE fees to pay off thanks to her idiocy.

I'd made the appointment for yesterday at 5:30 because it's the only day I have off this week. I told her this, and she breezily suggests I come in on Friday. I tell her no, I'm WORKING Friday and their hours won't work at all for me. She tells me they close at 6:30 Friday night so that should work for me. I'm beginning to get angry at this point. I tell her that NO, those hours DO NOT work for me at all. That I get off work at 6:30 if not later thanks to the slave driver that is DISH network. Her next suggestion is that I go to the DOWNTOWN clinic which opens at 8am on Friday. I tell her that is impossible, it's farther than the clinic we're at now, and much LESS convenient. Plus- he doesn't get off work until 8am or later! She then goes back to the 6:30 appointment suggestion. I repeat my earlier statements multiple times and finally she says, "Well, you could always go to the FREE clinic. THEY base off income."

Lady, it's not my income that's the problem. It's the fact that you haven't mastered the art of listening AND comprehending!!!

I'm beginning to be very frustrated by the incompetence of most non-profit organization workers I've dealt with in the last few months. I'm not saying ALL non-profit workers are incompetent, mind you, just the ones I've personally dealt with.

(Edit to clear up a few things I noticed were unclear: the confirmation is for HR purposes, as I have to go up and down steep, unsafe stairs day in and day out. We have an elevator but per HR, I have to have a doctor's note confirming my pregnancy to use it.

Also-this PP was in Lakewood, CO.)
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