something interesting (whiteviolets) wrote in bad_service,
something interesting

Pizza suck.

There's an awesome pizza place near my house, part of a chain, called Gabriel's Pizza. Better pizza than anything else that will deliver to our place, and up until about two weeks ago, really good service. Dad orders pizza every Friday night, sometimes for pick up, sometimes delivery. Just over a month ago, they switched to a centralized ordering number instead of calling the specific store you're ordering from.

December 5th, my dad ordered pizzas for pick-up. He was told 20-30 minutes, and he left here after 30. When he got there, they hadn't even started making the pizza. It was 45 minutes after he got there that he got the pizza - so I guess the original "20-30 minutes" wasn't very true either. I don't know why he didn't just ask for a refund and leave, but he finally got the pizza, and the manager told him that next time he ordered, there'd be some kind of discount.

December 12, as usual, orders pizza. He mentioned that there should be something in the account about a discount, and... nothing. The operator my dad spoke to said that she would contact the manager of our location, and it should be on the bill when it arrives, as it was for delivery this time. Great. Except... that didn't happen. Dad had to pay full price again. He asked the delivery guy if there was a way to call the location, and apparently there wasn't. At least, not for customers. We can only call the central line. Rather than do that again, Dad asked the delivery guy to tell the manager that we didn't get our discount, and he'd like to see it on the account for next time.

Last night, being Friday again, we order. Mention the supposed discount again. Again, no notes on the account, but we're told that they will contact our local store and tell them to apply it. This is where it gets even more interesting.
1) Pizza was 30 minutes later than they told us. Not major, because the weather wasn't great, but still annoying. Also, by the time it showed up, it was lukewarm.
2) They forgot our garlic sauce to go with the order.
3) They forgot the discount. Again.
4) The delivery man OPENED THE DOOR HIMSELF. As in, rang the doorbell, and before anyone could answer it, the door was open. That was a definite WTF moment for me.

As it stands now, my dad has lodged a formal complaint (not with the location that keeps screwing up, but with the central line, since that's the only number we're allowed to have apparently), and told them that is they don't give us the discount next time, we'll be going somewhere else. I know that in C_S that's usually a lame threat, but it's pretty much all we've got right now.

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