hairdresser on fire (kirbyish) wrote in bad_service,
hairdresser on fire

Okay, I'm not typically one to blow the "this is America, speak English!" horn, but the other day it got a weeeee bit ridiculous.

In the morning, I went to Dunkin Donuts.

Me: Hi, I'll just get a large green tea.
Cashier: (She pulls an earl grey out of the display.) Okay that will be-
Me: I'm sorry, I wanted a green tea.
Cashier: Yes, green tea. (She continues making it.)
Me: Err, that's not the right one.
Cashier: (She looks at it and shows me.) Green tea.
Me: It says earl grey. (I go to point to the one I want but she's walked away. She grabs another cashier and they talk back and forth.)
Other cashier: This? (She points to the earl grey.)
Me: No, I asked for green tea. (She points at a different one, still the wrong box.) It's the one on the bottom on the right.
Cashier: Oh... that is not what you ordered. Next time you say that first.

I looked at the display... and the green tea was one of the only boxes that wasn't colored green.

Later that same day, I took my teenage brother to King of Prussia mall. We stopped for lunch at the food court and he asked me to grab him fries and a salad while he went to the bathroom. He is fatally allergic to peanuts, so whenever he goes somewhere new he has to find out what everything is cooked in.

(I order, and the cashier hasn't spoken much yet so I have no idea that English obviously isn't her first language. Then...)
Me: I'd also like some fries but could you tell me what they're cooked in first?
Cashier: (She gives me a confused look.) French fries?
Me: Yes. What are they cooked in? Like, what kind of oil?
Cashier: Yes.
Me: Excuse me?
Cashier: Yes. Oil.
Me: Oh, I know they're cooked in oil, but what kind?
Cashier: Oil. Fries are cooked in oil.
Me: I understand that. (Enunciating) What kind?
Cashier: (Enunciating) Cooked in oil.
Me: Yes. I get that. But I'm asking what type of oil. Is it vegetable, or peanut, or-
Cashier: Yes.
Me: What? They're cooked in peanut oil?
Cashier: Yes, maybe.
Me: Well could you please find out? It's a serious health issue and I'd really appreciate it.
Cashier: (She prepares a basket of fries and rings me up.) That will be $XX.XX.
Me: ...I still need to know what kind of oil these are cooked in or I don't want them. (The cashier holds up a finger and walks away. She talks with a guy in the kitchen area and he comes to the register.)
Cook: Veggie- vegetable oil.
Me: Oh, so it's not peanut oil?
Cook: No. No peanuts.

I guess he was right since my brother's still alive and kicking, but seriously? If you're going to be dealing with food I think you should have at least a minimal understanding of what you're talking about. Am I wrong here?
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