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I hope this post is "bad_service" enough...

This is my first time posting a story here, so I hope it's acceptable. I go to a pretty good University that's supposed to be relatively difficult to get into...at least, so I've been told...and I live in a dorm across from a cafeteria/grocery store that while it's managers are not students, all the supervisors and employees are. Now I've been in school and gone to this particular place long enough to know that even though all these students are in college and should be competent enough, nothing ever goes right.

So despite me knowing how crappy the service is at this place, I keep going. Probably because there's hardly anywhere to get...relatively fresh made food. Don't get me wrong, the people working are nice enough, they just suck. A lot. I have to give them some credit because I worked at another cafeteria nearby for two years and it did get stressful during busy times of the day, but we at least got everyone what they needed. I know it can be hard... but forgetting to make people's food over and over again is not cool.

Typically at least every other time or so that my friends or I have ordered pizza, we've waited longer than the half hour that we're generally supposed to wait for our food to be done. Not so much a problem, until we've been sitting there for over an hour and have to go up to see if our pizza has been done, only to find out they completely forgot to make it.

My best friend and I ordered food online one day and waited about 15 minutes- half hour before going over to pick it up. We got there, and his food wasn't ready but mine was. Not surprising, since his needed to be made to order and mine was pre-made. He checked to make sure that they got the order okay and they did. He watched them charge his account, print out the receipt, and start the food. So he bought a drink and came to stand by me and wait.

After awhile we got sick of standing (I had already chugged a quart of chocolate milk by this time and went to buy another) and sat down at a table to wait. An hour passed and we wondered what was going on. My friend went up to see what happened, and came back and said that he asked what happened to his food. The guy behind the counter was like... "I don't know what you're talking about". My friend said, "I saw them start making it ...it should have been brought out to me by now." The guy said he remembered seeing it, and went back to look. After a few minutes he told my friend it was "gone". Uh...how does food just...disappear? Did they give it to someone else? That's not cool. We had been waiting an hour and a half for his food before it finally was brought out. And of course, it was missing his sauce.

I shouldn't ever be surprised by this sort of thing since it happens so often, but it still drives me nuts.

Another thing happened about a month ago. I went into the same place and saw a group of my friends standing and talking. They told me of a situation that had happened just moments prior to me walking in.

The group was made up of a really sweet innocent girl, her boyfriend, and another guy friend of mine. They were waiting for food and standing around by the trashcans just talking. The girl was discussing how she was rearranging her room and unlofted her bed, but didn't want another guy friend of ours to see her bed on the floor because she was afraid he would make a comment about her being able to "fuck her boyfriend easier". Well, during this conversation, a student employee was busy taking out the trash. After this girl told her story, he turned to them and said, "I've only listened to about 30 seconds of you talking, but from that I could gather that you are a cocksucking whore."

Both guys, including her boyfriend, were too speechless to say or do anything while he took out the trash and left. When they told me the story, my mouth dropped.

I wish I had been there to use whatever strength my bony arms hold to grab him by the ankles and shove him in the trash. This girl is the sweetest, least likely to be a whore type of person ever...and even if she WAS a "cocksucking whore", he had absolutely NO reason to make such a comment. Completely uncalled for. I wanted to find one of the supervisors I was friendly with, but he wasn't around. I couldn't see any of them, actually. I'm still planning on saying something, if that guy is still working next semester.


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