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Why do businesses hire people who can't count to five?


Incident One:
Location: Local Target.

It's a semi-busy night and I'm behind two other customers. Customer one is in front of customer two with whom I begin to chit chat with. Eventually it's her turn and he scans her merchandise which came to a total of $24.68. She in turn gives him a twenty, a ten, two quarters, a dime, a nickel and three pennies. Change due: $6.

Cashier boy closes the register without giving her the change back. She calls him on it. He looks at her and says he doesn't owe her any change. She shows him her receipt and he says something like, "Oh, oops" and opens the drawer. He then hands her four one dollar bills. She looks at him like, "are you kidding me?!" She actually says that he still owed her two dollars. He then acts as if it's a chore to open his drawer to give her the last two dollars. All the time I'm watching this happen and watched as he handed her the four ones and the rest of the change. So he does open it and pulls out one more dollar. Yup, one dollar not two. So now the woman has five one dollar bills and by this time well over a minute has passed between the end of her transaction and her getting the five dollars. She again looks at him like he's stupid and says something about him not being able to read and asked him what high school did he go to because it's obvious the educational system was lacking. Ok, so she was snarky but honestly, how hard is it to give back one five dollar bill and a one dollar bill? He then tells her that he graduated from high school so she asked if he was attending college to which he said no. I admit, I chuckled because the first thing that went through my mind was "well no one wonder if you can't count five plus one". She then leans over and shows him the receipt again and said slowly, "six dollars... not four, not five but SIX dollars." He opens his regsiter again after muttering something under his breath and slams down the last one dollar bill. She finally leaves and goes over to the kiosk to fill out a customer complaint/survey.

So it's not my turn. I know I spent an extra two minutes there watching this because it was amusing... least until it was my turn to get crappy service.

Oh, before I go into my transaction after she left, he turned to me and said, "What a witch! Can you believe what she said to me! She should have just left without saying anything!" I was stunned needless to say but said to him, "Well all she wanted was her change."

He begins to scan my merchandise and soon I go over what cash on hand I had on hand. I ask him then to remove the detergent off because I figured it's the most expensive thing and I can get it for less at Costco anyways. So instead of hitting void then scanning the detergent he hits void and voids off a couple of the other things I wanted. He tells me my total and I point out to him that he didn't remove the detergent but removed a couple of other things instead. So again he hits void and begins to scroll up and removes yet another wrong item. I tell him, "No, that's wrong. Just hit void and scan the item, it'll remove it automatically. You'll need to rescan these items." So instead of hitting void and scanning the detergent he scanned the detergent twice. I again showed him how to do it properly and finally after two or three minutes I was done with my transaction.

The woman who was ahead of me was just finishing up with the kiosk and at the same time I was leaving she was as well and I told her what the cashier said about her. I then went home and called the store and talked to the GSTL and told her what the cashier said and did. I hated getting him into trouble but you don't give a customer an attitude when you make a mistake and you then don't talk badly about that customer to another customer!

Incident Two:
A few days after that happened a couple of friends came over for dinner. I told them the story and they laughed. The next day I get a phone call from "V" who said, "You're NEVER going to guess what just happened!" I said, "Probably not but you sound like it's going to be good so spill!" She basically said the EXACT same thing just happened at the local Pier 1. She gave the cashier a $10 plus exact change and was to get four dollars back. The cashier said something to the effect that she needed a calculator because she didn't know how much change to give back! LMAO! "V" said she gave the girl a look like, "Are you brain dead!?" She showed the girl the receipt and got change back without the fuss the customer I saw have at Target. She said what was made the situation at Pier 1 cute was that the girl when she saw the receipt was"oh duh! I'm dumb! I'm sorry!" LOL
Oh but it's get's better because my bank teller can't count. The third incident happened at my bank with a new teller.
I deposited $1780 in cash, mostly $20s. He counted it twice in front of me just as I counted it to him first. He took it to the back of the bank to have the cash counting machine count it again and all four times it came back as $1,780. He then proceeded to count it as he bundled it so he counted it a fourth time. I was about to leave his counter when I realized he didn't give me my receipt so I turned to ask him for it to which he said that he couldn't give me one. He went to get another teller to print up my receipt. No big deal I thought but was I wrong.

Later that evening I'm checking my bank account to see exactly where my account stood so I could figure what bills to pay when I saw my deposit was overturned and $1580 redeposited. I called the bank immediately and the began the runaround from the bank. The manager on duty with whom I spoke with said that the teller felt uneasy with my deposit so later that he recounted his drawer (keep in mind he had bundled my $20s into $100 packets) and that his drawer was short $200 so they determined it came from my deposit. No idea how they figured that out since he didn't count it just one time and used the counting machine. At any rate I went into the bank the following day. This what I posted at another site.

I went down to the bank and talked to the manager in charge. She said that after they counted his till three times still no $200. I then said that what about the video did they check that? She said she couldn't since she wasn't the bank manager. Furthermore when I pointed out that he counted the money TWICE in front of me and then took my money to the back to count it with the machine she then had the nerve to say, "well the machine isn't always accurate". Um okay, so let me get this straight... a machine used to count bank money isn't always accurate/correct yet you use it? No wonder why the bank industry is going down in flames. If it's not reliable then why have it? PLUS if he wasn't sure about the money after I counted it, he counting it two more times in front of me AND using the machine then counting it a fourth time as he was putting it in his drawer shouldn't he have asked for assistance since it was his first day?" Her response was to hand me the cell number of the bank manager. Instead I drove to the main bank in the next town and talked to their bank manager who then went upstairs to get the bank manager of the branch I was at. That's right, she was at the main bank to train!

Here are several errors made by the teller and the bank between yesterday and today which I plan in pointing out in a letter to them and to the local media.

1) If the teller, who was on his first day on the line, was STILL unsure about the deposit after it was counted a total of FIVE times between him, the machine and myself then he should have called for assistance.

2) He should NOT have walked away from his cage with my cash to the back. He could have easily pocketed $200 since my money was in $20s and $100s.He could have EASILY swiped two of the $100 bills.

3) The camera over his cage was not pointing towards us. In fact I looked and noticed that there were no cameras pointing in our direction.

4) BEFORE doing a reversal on MY deposit they should have checked ALL of his transactions. He could have easily given another customer $200 or through out the day been giving customers extra $5, $10 or $20.

5) IF the machine he used to count my money wasn't accurate then why is the bank using it?

So now I have to write a letter to the bank and send copies of it to the local news media. I'm also going to have to file a lawsuit against them because it's now over 24 hours and I'm still missing money and now getting a run around.

The other thing that irritates me is that Nicole, the manager in charge, said that he should not have taken my money away from his area. It's obvious that there were many mistakes so why should I pay for it? So now I need to come up with a letter demanding not just my $200 but gas money for having to go to the bank today to deal with this situation and driving to the next town to go to the main branch PLUS all the time I'm putting into this to get my money back.

If he wasn't sure after that money was counted down not once, not twice, not three times but FIVE times between my counting it, his counting and the machine then he should have asked for help from someone instead of waiting for me to leave. Something is fishy and frankly I don't fish.

So I wrote the bank, the state division that oversees the banks and credit unions and the NCUA (I actually use a credit union not a bank). I did get my money back, in the end but not because I was right but because they can't prove that I was wrong. The cameras were not pointed directly one us or over the cash counting machine so they had no proof one way or another. Lovely. I've been in that branch since that incident and all the cameras that are directly behind the tellers are still not pointed at the tellers!

Incident four: Not as bad but it still goes with the theme that businesses aren't hiring competent people.
Gas station cashier gives me back the wrong change. He was suppose to give me a few cents back and instead gave me back a dollar and change back. I pick out the change he owed me and hand the rest back telling him he gave me the wrong change. Not too bad since it was like $1.65 in change he gave me and I was like to get 35 cents. Still what is wrong with these people?

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