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PNC Bank.

Really Now?

To help with my story I bring you a picture. Don't worry, I have made sure all my personal info is not actually in this:

I bring you the tale of Five overdraft fees at once.

I have only ever overdrawn my account once before. Mostly my check book is balanced. The last month or so, I've really felt the sting on not getting hours at work. I've had to pick and chose what I could pay and when so that I wouldn't overdraw my account. My car broke down however the day before the last time I got paid, and as I cannot get to work without my car, that became priority. I had my car fixed and even had a few dollars to spare. Now somewhere along the line I thought I had four dollars more then I actually had. So I bought myself dinner during a 12.5 hour shift at work, and then bought something at a grocery store a day later. I had enough to cover my food but not the grocery store(as you can see, I was only overdrawn by $2 and some change. I got a call a day later from my storage unit telling me if I didn't pay my rent, they'd sell everything inside and as my storage unit contains everything I own, that would have been very upsetting. so I paid them. overdrawing my account. Tonight I check my balance planning to head to the bank tomorrow to see that not only did I overdraw twice, BUT, that for the first overdraft they charged me five separate overdraft fees. and then another one for the second overdraft. I understand Overdrawing my account is not a good thing... But. charging me $216 total in over draft fees? Something is wrong here.

I should also mention that there is not a specific amount that needs to be kept in the account like some banks have. And that PNC has charged me overdrafts while I've been in the positive before.

So no sleep tonight, and tomorrow I get to calmly ask them to take away the extra overdraft fees. I don't mind paying what I owe and the two fees for over drawing, But I will not pay the extra four fees they tacked on there.
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