brazenredhead (brazenredhead) wrote in bad_service,

Same Old, Same Old

Dear UPS,

Today, I received a package from my mother, delivered via your service.  It was delivered between 4:00pm, when I arrived home, and 6:00pm-- I'm not sure when, because my doorbell wasn't rung.  I found my package when I was leaving my house at 6:00pm.

Before, when I've had packaged delivered via UPS, I've had "missed delivery" notices left when I haven't been home.  This service is not only appreciated, but what I assumed was considered standard, as I live on a busy, urban street.  I share an outdoor entryway with two other flats, have a laundromat located next door, and two bus lines have stops within sight of my front door.  This leaves ample opportunity for theft of my belongings.

I realize that the package said "perishable," so it should be delivered in a timely manner.  This does not mean that my packages should be treated with a total disregard to their security.  

I have several expensive packages due to be arriving via your service over the next few days, and would appreciate them not being left unattended.


(The woman VERY happy she decided to stay home and do laundry tonight)
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